Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guess what............

I DID IT!!!!!!

That's right, I conquered the war that has been raging between me and that bastard alarm clock!

Dolphin claps please.



I drug my sorry pooper off my oh-so-comfy-almost-cloud-like mattress and trucked it to the gym. Yup. That's right.  I got up AND RAN.  
At 5 o'clock in the A. of M. 

It wasn't the best 3 miles, but damn it, I finished.

And you know what????????

I actually feel more awake now at 8am, than I have all week!  And all last week with running in the evenings.

Huummmmm. I shall ponder on that for some moments.

As far as my little 7 week fat-tervention......I'm in the second week and it's going ok. Last week I only ran twice. But it felt so great to get back into it.  This week, today marks the second run of the week. Woop Woop!

I haven't done any workouts that I said I was going to do. And actually, I don't know if I'll be able to for a little while. I work out in the office because you watch the videos online. Well, our office is a freaking disastertown. I have an extra dresser, end table, suitcases, crap, more crap, oh, and extra crap just laying all over the place. And people, my office is the size of a 6 man porta potty. So, all that stuff makes it difficult to do burpees without throwing my leg through the wood paneling on said dresser.

BUT! I've got about 18 kazillion workout videos downstairs so I'm going to try and get some of those in.

My only dilemma.......I want to run. I don't wanna curl my biceps or lunge my thunder thighs. *enter Mrs. Drama Whineypants*  But I guess I need to, because these muscles are going to get toned by themselves, huh?

And just because it's hump day, I'm leaving you with a little food for thought:
Carmel Apple Cheesecake Dip w/ mini-chocolate chips and Heath pieces.
Just had some. It's terrible. You'd hate it. Hehehehehe.

Toodles lovebugs!!


  1. OMG! That dip looks has no calories, right?!!

    Congrats about making it to the gym this's more than I did this morning ;-)

  2. Woo, way to conquer the 5am hour!! I've fallen off the "run before work" weather/sun not rising does NOT make it easy!

  3. Now I'm hungry and there are no apples in the house. Sigh.

    Glad you made it to the gym. That is much more than I have done lately.

  4. Whoever thought bring that deliciousness to work needs to be fired. It's just wrong on so many levels.

    Big hand claps for you for getting out of bed and running.

  5. Nice job getting your arse up and moving this morning! I was going to run outside untill I saw it was 8 degrees out. BRRRRRR

  6. The munches and I are totally having that apple thing for dinner, drool...

  7. SO proud of you love bug!!! Woop woop! Also those apples look delish. Stay out of the dip though! *grin*

  8. You are my idol! And that dip looks terrible. Thanks for the warning.

  9. way to get your booty up in the mornin! no way in hell i could do that, so you're a better man(wo-man) than me!! LOL

    GET OUTTA TOWN!!!!!!!!! that freaking apple thing is redic!!!!!

  10. That apple dip is some serious food porn. I am proud of you for conquering the alarm clock!

  11. yeah totally gross.....mmmmmmmmmm

  12. I made that dip once (except had pretzels as the conduit) and told Professor's boss: it's like an orgasm for your mouth. ::: shudder :::

  13. So very proud of you! I got to sleep in today, but I'm psyching myself up to get up early tomorrow. :)

  14. That looks terrible indeed. *drool* Btw, I just want to make everything on Pinterest and eat it without consequence. *sigh*


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