Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bring on the CATS!

Holy purple cow ballsicles. It's been a week! But kinda in a good way.
My hubby was home for 5 days. Super duper. That's like the longest time we've spent together consecutively in months. It's a record.  But come Xmas, we'll be breaking it with a straight 10 day! We'll probably kill each other. Stay tuned for that exciting post.

I promised a KSU vs WVU Men's Basketball recap, and I know y'all have just been sitting on the edge off your seats waiting, and I have finally had two minutes to sit down and chat with y'all about it! So put on your funderware........here...........we...........go....................

The night started off waiting for our friends John & Lori to arrive from Manhappiness to our little hickville paradise. They were late. But forgiven because they had to round up their FOUR dogs.  They could be two days late and I'd forgive them because of that little fact!!!

Anyway. About 7pm, we made our way down to the arena and met up with my crazysauce family. Which some of them........ahhhheemmmmm.cough.coughTom.......had been bellied up to the bar since 4:30. Sottaly Tober.

And here is John & Lori:

And us.......

Remember that post about the non-shavin' happenin' up in here? Well, it's over with. The razor met it's match and all is smooth rays of sunshine in the Wiksten Household. Praise baby Jesus.

Tip off happened and away we went. Some of us more than others on the team.

This was a special game played in Wichita at the fairly new Intrust Bank Arena. First basketball game we've ever been to there, probably about the only one played there so far. But it was a packed house! 15,004 people. We decided that if John, Lori, my Aunts, Uncle, Cousin, Ryan and I wouldn't have come, it'd be 14,996 people. And that would have been tragic. We made that game. Totally.

I gotta say, I'm just sorta into basketball. I'm getting more interested and more interested every year, well, and anything that has to deal with the Cats I'm obsessed, but pre-Ryan, nope, hated basketball. See Ryan played in high school, I guess being 6'4" helps, so he always has a game on during the season. I guess it's just starting to catch on. I'm diggin' it. It's growin' on me.

But my favorite part of the game, besides sitting literally 6 rows behind the players (WOOP WOOP FOR GOOD SEATS! THANKS UNCLE BILL!!)..........was watching Coach Martin! Jesus tits that guy has some great facial expressions.

The guy never cracks a smile during a game. Totally great guy after the games, but during........could make you shit your pants with one stare-down.

Or you could take a class in..........

He teaches well.

We played hard. We played good. But, we ended up losing in double overtime. Bummer. But it was a game of a lifetime. So. Much. Fun!!

I think it's going to be an annual event, especially since WVU is now in our Big 12 conference. I'm excited!

After the game we were all a little tired. So we went back to the house, drank a few more brews and hit the sack. Poor Ryan had to get up and work the next day.....but not John, Lori and I!!! God that day off was sooooo nice. 

BTW, i need to give credit where credit is due for this post. I couldn't have done it without my trusty sidekick. He slaved away helping write this.


  1. Basketball is not so much my thing. I don't get into many sports, though. (I am too ADHD to pay attention to a game for more than 10 minutes).

    That thing they say about how when you live with someone you see them alllll the time... so not true. I guess it depends on the situation, but in households where both people work (especially different hours), you are lucky to catch a glimpse of them before falling asleep!

  2. Guess what??? Did you guess?? Did you guess??? I bet you didn't.

    So, Guess what?? WYATT BUTT!! Hee hee.

    I freaking adore you.

    Also - I know you hated it, but Ryan's a bit of a hottie with that little bit of beardin out. : )

    So glad you had fun at the game and you and your fam totally made that over 15K. /nod

  3. Total bummer about the loss. I'm learning to appreciate Bball. Personally I think it'd be better if they'd get the shoes to stop squeaking. Sounds like a bunch of mice out there.

    LOVE Wyatt!! What a honey bunny!

  4. I only like sports when I know someone who is playing. I got into it more in high school and college than now. I don't know anyone in sports now. I did have a cousin who played football for Tampa Bay but he retired with an injury.

  5. I almost Un followed your blog because I saw the word "cats" in the title. I come here for "beer dogs and healthy stuff."

    Then I started reading your post and realized it was about sports, not furry felines. Yay! You have kept me as a reader for a while longer.


  6. He looks so cute with the beard. I request he grows it again. Especially if it annoys you. LOL

    Can Wyatt come live with me...please?!?!?

  7. Basketball is the greatest sport EVER!!!! LOL! It paid for my college (basketball scholarship), has severely injured my body, but I love love love love love it!!

  8. We had an unbearded Ryan sighting at our office this week. Love your sidekick, Wyatt. If you guys are in KC for Xmas, stop by our house. We are having 42 people for Christmas Day. I will definitely need a beer and maybe some anxiety meds. Love the Post!

  9. Ha! Did I ever tell you how I enlisted the help of my best friend to get Jeeves to shave his really weird, BC comic looking, facial hair? For realz, I asked her to tell him it looked bad, because he doesn't believe me, but then he shaved so my betrayal paid off.

  10. EMAW!! I was there too! Win or lose, I love K-State :)

  11. I am not so lucky! We are still beardin' it out over here!


  12. Sounds like a great time at the game.

    I really need to get into some kind of sport... I feel like I'm missing out on some fun times... tailgating, hotdogs, beers. Ahh. :)


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