Saturday, December 10, 2011

Relaxation & Big Foot

I had THE best day off yesterday. Oh my giddy aunt it was so amazing.

First, I went to lunch with my besties, John and Lori. They were up for the KSU vs. WVU men's basketball game on Thursday night, which was stellar, even though we double overtime. More on that on another post.

Then I went and had the most blissful, relaxing, down right spectacular 1.5 hour deep tissue massage of my life.  Normally I get a massage about 2-3 times a year because I have terrible neck problems due to my pooper being planted in front of a computer screen all freaking day. Stupid job. But this time, I had a gift certificate from my lovely employees for bosses day AND they were running a special of buy one hour get a half hour free. WOOP WOOP! Took advantage of that little deal-ee-o for sure. My little massage lady kicked the shit out of my neck and shoulders then gave me the best massage for the rest of my body, followed by a soothing scalp massage. A.MAZ.ING! Pretty much walked out of there on a cloud.

And to complete my day of pampering I went to get my hair cut. I tried a new place, an Aveda salon, and WOOO-EEEEE! Totally going back there again. Don't you just love whatever shenanigans they put in your hair?!?! You pretty much don't want to wash your hair for a week after a trip at an Aveda salon because it smells like sweet paradise.

And if a new cut wasn't enough, I decided to get all crazysauce. Enter the hair dye.......

I normally have dark brown hair, but I was born with a full head of jet black hair and always wondered what I'd look like now with it.  So, the dye was on sale, pretty much figured it was a sign from the hair gods to just do it.  I'm pretty happy with it. Makes my eyes look freaking fierce I tell ya. And who doesn't love fierce eyes?

There is one member of the family that has vetoed his hairs (and not the hairs on his head, but his FACE) seeing the sharp edge of something.......

These were the exact words out of his mouth the minute he walked in the door and after I fainted from seeing him, "I'm beardin' it out, honey!"

Sweet baby Jesus.

Can someone please inform Mr. Hubby that if I had wanted to marry Big Foot I would have moved to the forest, become one with nature, made clothing from tree bark, and grown my leg hairs out so that I could keep myself occupied by braiding them?


  1. Bearding it out? LOL

    OMG - you are so stinking hot...holy donkey dicks. LOVE LOVE the black!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! And you're hair looks frickin awesome! LOVE the color. and ..

    Dear Mr hubs..I think your wife wants to go camping!

    ha ha ha just kidding

  3. My life goal is to one day get a massage. I have major tension issues in my neck, and I think a massage would seriously be the best thing EVER.

    Your hair looks great darker!

  4. Love the color!!
    Tell your hubby you're going "wild" with hair too. Maybe he'll shave a bit. But what do I know my sweet man, who usually has a great goatee, now has a pierre stache. Let them amuse themselves!
    He does look ruggedly handsome.

  5. I like the black! I wish my hubby could have facial hair, but the airlines only allow a mustache. He tried growing one once, but it totally extinguished our sex life. As in I could not stop laughing or singing bow chicka wow wow.

  6. ooohhhh...i love the cut and color!! rock it out lady!

  7. Nick says you did marry big foot, what are you talking about. LOL
    By the way, your hair looks really cute and I also go to an Aveda salon -- best thing ever!

  8. LOVE THE HAIR, LAURA! It looks great. I like the black. If I were brave I woukd go balck but my hair has always been a mousy brown so it is easier to go blonde. Thanks for sharing the photo of hubby. I'm feeling guilty today but spending some money that I didn't tell Dail about and this made me feel better for a bit. :)

  9. LOVE the hair!! Super cute!! You could always shave half of Mr. Hubby's beard in his sleep, that way when he woke up he'd shave the rest??? :)

  10. my man's doing the same thing... i swear it heightens their level of man-ness or something when they grow a beard. I, myself, HATE it, but would never tell him that bc then I am sure he would make a point to never let it go away... lol

    the dark hair looks good on you girl!!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new cut and color on you!

  12. DAMNIT why am I so late that I just sound like I'm parroting what the other lovely ladies have already said. I seriously love love love the cut and color. The black is so sexy!

    Oh, and as for Big Foots beard, I cannot stand when G let's the beard grow. I cannot even kiss him when he's growing the beard out. Ouchies!

  13. You look SO hot Laura! LOVE it! Holy crap, I love it!

    Okay, find me on Facebook! I have a photo for you! My hubby is doing the Sasquatch thing too. My clean shaven chunk of hotness looks like hes moving into a cabin in West Virginia. Seriously...

  14. Love the hair cut/color! Very pretty. :)

  15. Sounds amazing! Love the cut and the color!

  16. Absolutely love the cut and're one hot mamacita!! As for dealing with Grizzly Adams, I say that you should go on a shaving strike and see who can hold out longer...LOL

  17. The jet black hair is super hawt and sexy on you. I love it!! I love the hair cut too.


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