Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

I know, I know, it's been a whole two weeks since the last Ten Things. How did you ever survive?
Well, we're back in action this week!!

1.  It's DECEMBER!!!! Where the elf toots did the year go? Anybody else think that summer was just last week? No one? Just me? Whatever.  I just can't believe it's 31 days till 2012. Weird.

2.  If you didn't see my Thanksgiving Day recap, you suck.  Just kidding, go check it out. Because what happens on Thanksgiving........will definitely be shown on my blog for all the world to see. Vegas rules do not apply here.

3.  Ever seen an outhouse-sized Mexican breakfast burrito making sweat shop? Nope? Well, feast your eyes upon one:
This is my one butt kitchen.(only one butt in there at a time)
With burritos covering every measly inch of counter space.

The cook station. Just centimeters from the kitchen entrance.

Burrito making process: Cook one pound of sausage, add cubed, cooked potatoes, and some peppers and onions. Take 18 eggs, scramble. That is about 24 burritos filling. Cook one pound bacon, add cubed, cooked potatoes, and some peppers and onions. Take 18 eggs, scramble. That is another 24 burritos filling.

Roll up with cheese.

And.....TAAAA DAAAAA........

If I live for 125 years, I never want to make them again.
Well, until next year, when my loving husband asks me.
Shiny things Ryan, expensive shiny things are needed.

4. Oooooo, UPDATE on the Liar Sitch: Some of you remember my little post about liars and how I feel tar and feathering is an acceptable form of punishment for those who lie. But if not, check it out HERE. Anyways. The latest is that the certain asswipe liar has not spoken to me, unless absolutely necessary, for like a week and a half. IT. HAS. BEEN. BLISS. Come to find out.....the certain asswipe got a little 'talking to' from someone else and was instructed to leave me alone.  I love it. Simply love it.

5.  I haven't been tracking my food. At. All. I suck big Polar Bear Balls. It's fine. I just have been super busy at work and at home. No, that's a lie. I'm lazy. Pure and simple. Lazypants McGee, that's me. And last week for Thanksgiving, I pretty much ate just about whatever I wanted. Homemade biscuits and gravy.......Sure! Butterscotch Pumpkin coffee cake dreamliciousness......Load it up! Chili cheese nachos.......Bring it on! Ughhhhh......
For realz.
6.  So you know how we went to Big Cedar Lodge for our 2nd Anniversary. And it was all great, and fantastic, and freaking amazing. Well, we did have one little hiccup....our guided fishing tour we took for 4 hours on Sat. morning blew. The dudes name was Jim VanHook. Seriously. Well, he sucked. Ryan did not catch a single fish and the few fish I caught wouldn't have kept an ant full for 2 hours.  Anyways, they had these comment cards so I filled one out and just went to town on how disappointed we were. And you know how bitchy convincing I can be. Well, Big Cedar called me the other day!! They're giving us another 4 hour guided fishing tour for free the next time we go there!! Woop Woop! That's a nice little excuse to go back, huh?

7.  Wanna know what I figured out the other day? Well, I'm going to tell you. I figured out that on my crackberry when you text and you hit the SYM button for the symbols, like the '&' sign, you can just hit the corresponding letter that is under said symbol, in this instance it would be the 'L'.  So hit SYM button then L. Instead of scrolling all over the place with the little scroll key to select the symbol. I've only had the phone for 2 years. Jesus, Mary, and Pete.

Pretty much me today.
9.  I'm going to another KSU football game this weekend. It's the last one for the year, well, except for the kick ass bowl game we'd play at. I'd be super excited, except it's supposed to be a high of 34 with a chance of snow and the game starts at 11:30, so we'll be tailgating at the asscrack of dawn. Shitballs. Frozen Shitballs. Better whip out the puke green long johns and 1985 ear muffs.  But I came up with the most superb idea: Bring a vat of coffee and a bottle of Bailey's! And then I thought, why stop there, I'm going to get another thermos of hot water and a box of instant hot cocoa and buy a bottle of Peppermint Snapps. I am the Liquor Goddess. It's ok to be jealous.

10. I went shopping. Again. But it's justified. I don't know if I told y'all, but I need a new coat.  The only ones I have are ski jackets, and when you're wearing tall leather riding boots and a nice pink sweater dress, a purple Columbian just throws the whole mess off and I end up looking like a high end homeless person with no style whatsoever. Enter the search for the perfect P coat. And as fate would have it, both JCPenny's and Kohl's sent me coupons in the mail. Boom. First stop was Penny's. Nothing. I mean, I found a very nice Worthington, but for 75 bones.....pass. I'm more in the market for $40. Next stop was Old Navy. Same deal. And I even stopped in Maurices. Nada.  BTW, you know you haven't been to the mall in eternity when the 3 stores you go into are all completely remodeled. Nice.

So, I ended up heading to Kohls when I saw a Gordman's and decided to stop. I opened the doors and it was like AhhhhAAAAHHHHH!! Check out my little purchases:

Light tan P coat with belt. $34.

This was the planned outfit, but the sweater was a little short. No one needs to see any part of my pooper hanging out in white leggings. Ever.

Pinkish brown sweater dress, short sleeve, with belt. $15.

Dark gray leg warmers with tan wooden buttons. $5. Don't hate me for my amazing shopping ability. And for some reason it won't let me scroll down to type, so I'll just say goodbye and so long from here. Tootles!


  1. Love the new purchases!

    I am also not productive today, as you can tell by me commenting on your blog in the middle of the day.

  2. Loooooooove those leg warmers!! Super cute!

  3. I'm so happy for you about the liar "sitch"....karma is a bitch!

    Um, you got the boot sockies at Kohl's too?? luv luv luv!!!

  4. Cute cute cute purchases! I wanna see a picture of you in the boots with leg warmers because I don't think I've seen anyone wear them. Yeah I don't get out much.

  5. Love the shopping finds and yay for the asswipe liar getting what he had coming to him...don't ya just love karma?!!

  6. Love the coat and sweater! Super cute, you know you need to take pictures with it on now right?

  7. I love your blog it makes me smile! Love the shopping spree goods as well! You DID GOOD!!!

  8. I can't believe it's December either! Never been to Big Cedar Lodge but heard good things. Maybe someday.

  9. I love reading your Shiz lady. Have a great day!

  10. We channel shopping awesome on the same days. Today the good will yielded a maternity sweater jacket for $3 and a red sparkly Christmas top for another $3. Then Gordman's invaded my lunch break with a gray sweater, black boots and stripey boot socks. Plus $10 off a purchase of at least $50, meant that it was 42 bucks for it all. Happy Thursday Laura!

  11. Seriously love those leg warmers! I have been looking for cute over the knee socks to wear with boots but maybe I need to be looking for leg warmers!

  12. The burrito station looks fantastically yummy. Ryan is a lucky guy (and so will you be a lucky gal when the sparklies start pouring in)

    Love the dress/boots combo. So fashionable. I totally get what you mean about the jacket, you just cannot have a professional looking outfit and wear a hip length jacket ... just sayin.

    Love the new coat!!

  13. I love breakfast burritos. Like ridiculously!

  14. I read this 6 times. Cuz that's how much I miss you. Never get sick again. Like ever. And when you go back there to fish- you must take me with you in your pocket. Okay then. Bahbye.


    If I live for 125 years, I never want to make them again.


  16. Gordmans is my FAVORITE store EVER! SO funny! Great finds! LOVE those boots!


  17. I love the pic with the cake.. I feel like that all the fricken time! xxx

  18. Three words-


    love the purchases too...and I'm surprised that you didn't find a coat at Old Navy..I got on plaidish one for 15 bucks and one red with hood for 20..woolish even..

    three more words...ok five..!

  19. PS - Your Wildcats are playing my Razorbacks in the Cotton Bowl!


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