Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I suck.

Y'all remember that little thing I started about 4 weeks ago, called the 7 Week Fat-tervention???

Yup, neither do I.

There is zip motivation up in here. None. Nada. Zilch.

It's like ever since Thanksgiving I have mauled every fatty, salty, sweet, craptastic food known to man. And on top of that, Gym time????
What's a Ggg-I-E-mmm?

I know what I'm doing. Or more accurately, I know what I'm not doing. And the worst part.....I have no energy to change. I die.

The only small shitsilver lining is that I haven't been gorging. yeah for me. I stop when I'm full, and generally don't have a second helping.

That has kept me at about the same weight as when I last weighed in. Yes, I have stepped on the flat chested whore and she was a little kind, for once.

Next step????

Well, I'm going to try to eat better, I started last night with a pesto chicken pasta, and I'm going to try and make it to the gym. However, and I know this sounds soooo bad, you have permission to kick my ample pooper, I'm not going to stress about it and I'm not going to force it. There's so much stress with the holidays, traveling, never seeing my husband, working extreme overtime, working my little photo business, and other shit, that I don't want to have to worry about calories, lettuce, 10 minute miles, and sore muscles.
Lord, I suck.

Hopefully, after the holidays, I will suck just a pinch less. Uggghhhh.


  1. I wish you the best, Laura. I started the same thing and failed utterly but I can't afford to wait until after the holidays to do something. The weight is piling on. I have to act NOW. Wish me luck.

  2. Try a little illness that'll help you lose weight - seems to be my fatervention!
    I seriously photoshopped the fat off my sister's and my arm in a photo. As long as there's photoshop there's no need to diet!!!

  3. don't be so hard on yourself. If you are maintaining moderation and not gaining. I say there is a reason for New Year's Resolution...

  4. You got this kiddo!! Don't sweat the small stuff. It's the holiday season and life is more hectic than usual. You will kick start after it's all said and done...and be a skinny little heffa in no time.

  5. Girl, you just do your thing. IT's so hard to stay on track during this time of year. Just eat right (sorta, hehe) and throw in some workouts. YOu will feel better for it! :)

  6. Bwahahahahahaha!

    "Let me file that under fuck it" hilarious, and I'm totes going to insert that into my arsenal of sarcastic whatnot that occasionally flies out of my mouth.

  7. The holidays are so hard, I'm at my desk 2 feet away from a tin of chocolate covered nuts that have been taunting me all day! I'm weak, I'll be ill by the time I get out of here!

  8. i'm with ya.. i did so well in november and since my last weigh-in right after Thanksgiving, i have refused to step on the scale.

    oy vey is all i'm gonna say!

  9. I'm going through the same crap girl. I hear ya loud n clear!

  10. I'm with you too. Too busy this time of year and why must all the food right now be full of crap? Love the "file it under f#ck it!" pic!!

  11. I just stole your second photo and posted it on Facebook... You're welcome! lol

    Hey! BIG NEWS! Cole, myself, and Nathan are coming to Kansas in February! YES! Nathan has training at the Topcon Laser Center in Kansas City. (He's a laser technician. Yes. Yes, very "cool"- I know. lol) Anywayyyyyy, how far are you from there? Because we MUST get together for lunch and laughter!


  12. That is typically me during the holidays. There is always so much stress, why add to it? I don't know why this year is different, but I'm glad it is. :) Just keep it in check and you will be motivated after the holidays.

  13. So we're pretty much living the same life, except it's more like a 13 minute mile for me. LOL

  14. I totally understand. Ps. Love the someeecard reference! lol


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