Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Is it Christmas vacation yet?
Because this freaking week is crawwwwlllllling.

2.  I've been getting super strangertown comments from Anonymous people on two of my blog posts. It's freaking me out.  They'll say stuff like 'This is an incredibly written piece' or 'I completely agree with this post' or ‘A very educative post’. OK, I know that doesn't sound weird, but the posts aren't anything life changing or especially 'incredible' (and we all know they're definitely not educational), they're just about my mom's mental dogs and my trip to Colo. So, if any of you cool kids out there are writing these comments, freaking send me an email so I can comment back to you! Otherwise knock it off. It's giving me the heeby jeebies. (It's probably spam. Stupid spammers.)

3.  Remember that bed that we got a few months ago? You know, the one that feels like I’m sleeping on a puffy cloud? Well, if you don't remember: we got a new mattress two or so months ago. Now try to keep up. But, for the last week I’ve woken up with horrible back pain. Ok, not horrible, but uncomfortable.  It’s all over my back too. Not just in one area. Do you think it could be the bed? Please God say no. Nononononono. I think it’s because I haven’t been exercising and my body is punishing me. My muscles are just taking little swords and stabbing me senseless in the middle of the night. Yup that’s it. Because it can’t be the new bed. That would be tragic city.

4.  Ooooo OOoooo, I forgot to tell you all!!! I got a new phone last week. Yes, yes, the crapberry finally took a big dump and quit working. I had it for two years and the battery was on its last leg. And I mean LAST leg. So, one day it dies. Won’t turn back on. Rude. So, I head to the phone store and tell them, “I want to be cool. Give me a cool phone. Spank you very much.” 
And TaaaaDaaaaa:

Meet my little Droid Bionic. Its not the newest phone on the market but at least I now have APPS!! 
So amazing. So pretty. So my new best friend.
And I even downloaded Google Reader so I can read your blogs w/o having to get on a computer!!! How fabulous is that?!
Uber fabulous, I say.

5.  I tried yesterday to go the whole day without any sort of caffeine.
Didn’t happen.
See, for the last 3 weeks I’ve had a 20oz diet Mt. Dew for breakfast every day. It was yummy. Oh so yummy. But I need to give up that crap and be caffeine free like I was a month ago. Well, I got to about 11am and thought my head was going to explode, so I broke down and bought a little can of the wonder soda. Two sips later and all was right with the world.

Why is it that when I used to drink a horse trough of coffee every morning and then some sort of diet soda in the afternoon and I quit cold turkey, I had no problems? But now that I’ve had 21 days of caffeine my body is like, “WHAAAA???? Oh hell no sista! No you dit’en’t?! I’ll teach you, you little hussy!!!”.
Today’s another day.
So far so caffeine-free.

6.  Someone in my household is too smart for their own good. And it definitely ain’t this lady. It’s the little innocent cuteypants puppy. The other night, we were all in the living room (we being Ryan, Wyatt, and I), and Wyatt jumps up and starts sniffing ‘his’ present under the tree.  I never told/showed him which one was his, and it was right next to Ryan's parents doggy's presents that were treats.  But he didn’t pick those, he picked ‘his’. He nudged it off the top of the stack and proceeded to tear into the paper. Freaking smarty-pants. Since I’m a pushover, I just let him open it, but told him that he won’t have any presents to open at Christmas now. (Yes, I have full blown convos with my dog. It’s fine.) It's kinda like a kong ball wrapped in cloth with little things hanging from the bottom. And it squeaks.  Which is just awesome. Why do we buy squeaky toys for him? Why?
Here’s some pics of his early Christmas adventure:

So excited he wouldn't sit still for the camera.

Still outta control excited.

Finally still enough. barely.

7.  Guess what I’m doing this weekend???? Besides opening presents. 
I’m getting my tattoo!! Remember when I had y’all tell me which area on my body the tattoo would look the best? Well I decided that I’m going with the ribcage, on the right side, but I still can’t decide whether to go with the large or the medium size. Decisions decisions. Here’s the design again:
Date is my stepdad's Bday; Azhe'ni means Angel in Pottawatomie (stepdad was Indian)

I’ll definitely take pics and tell you all about it when we get back from Christmas!

8.  Speaking of Christmas. Someone’s turd of a husband is being extremely sneaky about my present(s) this year.  Here’s a little background: I want a Kindle Fire. Looks fun and I love to read (oh shit, Ronnie, I keep forgetting about those damn books!! I’ll get them to you next week, swear!). So why not get one?  I tell said turd that’s what I want and even though it’s a little expensive, he can split it with his parents and then all will be rainbows and sparkles in LauraLand.  Perfect plan, right?! Right.

Well, last week, LAST WEEK, Ryan comes up to me and says, “Well Honey I can’t get you the Kindle because I sorta dropped the ball on it and it’s a little too expensive, so what do you want instead?” Jesus, Mary, and Farts.
I don’t know what I want!!! I wanted that!!! Now I have to think of something on the spot??? Not cool, not cool at all little husband of mine.
Well, he suggested a new camera bag. Yeah OK. It’s no Kindle Fire, but I’ll deal. And I really really need a new bag. So, OK, that'll work.
Now, he wrapped two smaller gifts that are definitely NOT a Kindle, or a camera bag, and they're semi-heavy. What the frick are those??!!!
Probably rocks. Or chunks of concrete.
I’m just wondering if he’s trying to be all Tricky Ricky, and got me the Kindle for real, or if he’s being serious. UGHHHHH! The anticipation is KILLING ME!!

9.  This year, instead of baking my brains out trying to make cookies and pretzels and other Xmas goodies to give away to co-workers, I decided to make a big ol’ batch of trail mix to give to everyone. Actually my cool Mom came up with it and brought me some a few weeks ago. Thanks Mom.  
Which promptly disappeared. 
I have no idea by whom.
It's extremely difficult to make. Took me 3 days.
Really, I just went to Sam’s Club and bought gigantor bags of Trail Mix, Chex Mix, Peanut M & Ms, and Muddy Buddies (or Puppy Chow), then mix together. So simple.

Pretty huh?
It’s by no means good for you, but who gives a reindeer toot?

Don't drink too much. Or do. It's fine.
But don't eat too much! You'll be hating on yourself if you do.

Have a great day/weekend/whatever with friends/family/whomever!!!


  1. Merry Christmas sweetie! Meeting you was one of the highlights of my year and I can't wait to see you again! *hearts*

  2. Another weird co-winkie-dinkie? My step dad's birthday is also 5/25, pinky swear promise. Not 1959 but still May 25. Wild and crazy!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Who sucks? I do. You know why. What is wrong with my brain? So sorry!!!! Aggghh!!! Love you though. And you seriously crack me up. I hope you get the kindle.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  4. I've gotten a few of those weird comments too...i think they're just spam.

    And Wyatt continues to be adorable! Smart puppeh. :)

    Crossing my fingers you get the Kindle Fire!!

  5. 1) Ok, I absolutely freaking love the way you write.
    2) OMG Wyatt..../drool /stalk (yeah, I waited till #2 to stalk I'm a recovering Wyatt'holic, sue me) I love that he decided he had waited long enough and was ready to open his presents like NOW. What the hell does Dec 25 mean to our kids anyway?? Hee hee Go Wyatt. OMG /swoon
    3) Hmmm Kindle Fire isn't really that expensive. I soooo hope he got it for you. It's about the size of a paperback book. I got one for G for Christmas and much like Wyatt, Dec 25 meant nothing to him so he's been playing games, reading, surfing the net, checking email happily since Thanksgiving.
    4) Merry Christmas cutie cakes. Love you and hope that You, Ryan and Wyatt have a joyous season.

  6. Haha, it's fine about the books! I can wait. I just got a shit-ton more that I bought myself for Christmas. They were on sale for $1 at Half-Priced Books. Amaziiiing.

    He better have got you the Kindle Fire - too expensive my foot.

    Can't wait to see the new tat!

  7. #1 - AMEN SISTA.
    #2 - I'm mad at you cuz you didn't send me an entire batch of that snacky stuff.
    #3 - Um - you know you're gonna cry when the tattoo is done right? It's VERY emotional.
    #4 - I loves you. Like more than I love tiny green grasshopper dicks.

  8. Okay...I'm so excited about the tattoo. It's going to hurt like hell on the ribcage. But you will be crying because Mike meant/means so much to you. I can't wait to see the picture.

    Ryan...she better get that fire!!!

  9. Yay for getting the tattoo! That's so cute that Wyatt knew which present was his and wanted to open it!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Your mix looks divine ... I lovelovelove chow like that !

  11. I really like the font for your tattoo. Can't wait to see the pics. :)


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