Friday, December 23, 2011

I've changed my mind.

I don't wanna Kindle Fire.


It's just not doing it for me anymore.

I want something just a twinge bigger:

Look! ---> Wyatt is even looking at it and wants it too!

That's right.
Not just a house on an island.
I want the whole house and island with it's private beaches, beautiful coral reef to scuba dive, it's private dock and, of course, the helicopter pad.

Clearly I deserve this.

Ryan: could you make 12 million dollars in the next 24 hours and buy this little present for me, so that we can spend Christmas in The Keys please?
I mean really, it's just pocket change.
BONUS: You wouldn't have to wrap anything if you got me this.

I think it's a win win. Don't you?


  1. I long as you let me come visit ;)

  2. Yeah, you'll need to take me too. I have to meet Wyatt of course, that's the only reason! /nod

  3. Definitely think you should get this. And then take me with you. :)

  4. Well you just guaranteed that you WILL have that kindle fire under the tree!

  5. I want that too...and a hot cabanna boy to wait on me hand ona foot too :)

  6. I would so take that. I would give up presents for the rest of my life for a gift like that.

  7. You will need a helicopter too- to fly us all in to stay with you.

  8. I agree .. you've been good all year and if this is what you want - this is what you should have ! :) p.s. thanks for the little mental/visual vacation !

  9. I would still go with the Kindle Fire, love mine!

  10. You totally deserve it! Merry Christmas!

  11. Not a bad thing to change your mind to... ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  12. When you get the island you better throw us a nice big party!


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