Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Fashion Miracle.

When you're supposed to get shit on by Mother Nature, in the form of snow, sleet, rain, ice, and other amazing winter goodies, a girl has to be preeeeee-pared. AND attempt to be a semi-fashion-ista.

So who the heck ever said that camo can't be fashionable?

I have no idea why puppy and I are red. Stupid camera.
(It's definitely not the operator of the camera.......uhemm Ryan.)

And here's better color, but blurred. Nice.

And the close up.
Am I right or am I right?

I strutted this fine outfit all day at work.

Only one person made fun of me and he's an idiot and doesn't count.

Camo, practicality, and style can all co-exist.
It's a damned miracle.


  1. Rock those boots girl, they look great....I hope you gave that hater a kick in the ass with them!!!

  2. Camo reminds me of my dad and that is a bitter sweet thing since I lost him a few years ago. I love those boots though. They look comfy.

  3. You are too funny. I see camo boots everywhere so you're totally in! You just need a Cmas tree hoo-hah and you'll be perfect. LOL

  4. If you hadn't mentioned they were camo boots, I wouldn't have noticed-they blended so well! Maybe you are starting a new trend-country chic!

  5. I love your to death...but camo will NEVER be fashionable!!!! Do you understand me kiddo...NEVER!!!!


  6. When you live in the south, camo is definately fashionable ;)

  7. Camo may be fashionable, but RUBBER camo is just practical.

    Still love them.

  8. 1) WYATT!!! omg, /faint
    2) Can I say that I love that green color you have on your wall (much more clear in the second pic.)
    3) I'm not a camo fan but you are workin that camo girlie.

  9. You're right - idiots never count. You look fab !

  10. Love the sweater! I think I will pass on the camo boots, I am not really a camo girl. But you look great!

  11. *whistles* Your rocking that outfit girl!


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