Monday, December 5, 2011

More tailgating fun....

Well, I survived the liquor modpodge, KSU football, and bad weather weekend extravaganza.

Started out so nice and sweet with a little cousin chat action on the ride up to Manhappiness, dinner at my FAVORITE restaurant, Hibachi Hut, which we met even more of my cousins at. Isn't family superb?! Well, it should be, with the size of our family rivaling the hired clowns of Barnum & Bailey's.

Speaking of Bailey's.......damn good shit. Damn good. So is Chocolate Wine. And peppermint snapps and hot cocoa. ohhhhhhhhhh. Sorry, got side tracked. (not that MOI would ever drink all that in one weekend.)

Friday night, after dinner, I headed to my bestest friends John & Lori's to hang out, chat it up, and drink more booze. Well, I ended up doing that with 5 dogs instead of my bestestes. They got stuck at the the local brewery.....where John and I were wonderfully (sarcasticmuch) employed in college. Stuck as in there are so many people that want to talk to you, you can't leave because the minute you hit the door more people walk in that want to talk and buy you high alcohol brews and you end up closing the place down in order to say HI to half the town of Manhattan. It's like the black hole of brewery's. It's like Hotel California. You get pulled in and you can never, ever leave. Ever.

That left me, like I said, to get to their house, with my dog, try and let their TWO 8 week old puppies out for potty time, and console their TWO senior citizen dogs back from the doggie mental institution for dealing with said 8 week old puppies for 4 hours alone.  Can you say......PSYCHO-CIRCUS?!?!

I walk in, little pups are screaming and barking and carrying on. Wyatt is going ape shit with drool running like a waterfall out of his mouth. And one of the Sr. citizen pups had crapped on the floor. FML.
And I've only had one, ok maybe two, beers the whole night. Sobercity.

I had to wrangle Stella (girl puppy) into my arms, while holding Wyatt back from sniffing 'special places' (mine and the puppy's), AND let Porter (boy puppy) out of his kennel. Then make it to the back door without tripping over my yellow monster and dropping poor Stella. I threw them all outside, ran back in, took care of the crap, then it was time to let them ALL back in.  I had to get them into the garage, wipe off their feet, and into the house with out a full knock down drag out breakdown.  Do you know how talented you have to be to wipe off 3 dogs paws, while trying to keep them out of the mud and wet spots that they had just tracked in, all while copious amounts of butt sniffing and wrestling under my feet went on????? Freaking amazeballs amount of talent. I should go on America's Got Talent. I would take 1st.

Once that shenanigans was over we all sat down on the kitchen floor, I chugged as many Mr. Buds that I could and all dogs used me as a stair climber. Perfect start to the weekend.
Here's a little video of the puppies:

Saturday morning we woke up to 30 degree temps and rain. And thunder. And lightning. Stupid weather. So all the tailgating commenced in the garage. So I guess we were garagegating. It works.

Once we got to the game......oh buddy.  Four layered shirts, a water proof coat, long johns and fur lined boots did a whole lot of diddly.  It. Was. Wet.

Good thing for us, this is what we had nearby:

After filling our tummy's with delicious beverages we waddled into the game.
Mom and Hardy.

My cousin Tom.

Then it was half time. Let the unsobering begin.
No. No you are not. Not at all. Good try though.
I ended up staying out at the tailgate the second half because I had a choice of: Tent, Booze, and more Booze. While inside was: No booze, cold, rainy, no tent.  I definitely think I made the right decision.

Once we got home, the little puppies clearly had a rough day:
That would be Stella.
And apparently so did someone else:
John, we need to talk about this.
Saturday night was uneventful in we were still trying to thaw out our tatas and dingdings, so we just hung out and took random pictures. Normal.
I am not crazy. Drinking 18 different types of liquor in 8 hours just makes you appear to be crazy.

Another good weekend! KSU ended up winning against Iowa State, to make our season 10-2. We got chosen for the Cotton Bowl in Arlington TX and we're playing the Arkansas Razorbacks (it's ON Melissa!!) I'm excited and so proud of my little Wildkitties!!! GO CATS!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, Laura. I hear you on the animals except mine are cats. We have 4 altogether but two are just babies and they are forever tearing down the curtains, the Christmas tree, the wallpaper and knocking everything off the dresser and nightstands. Sometimes I just want to scream but I love em.

  2. I've already watched the Wyatt/Puppies video once, I'm off to watch it at least 6 more times.

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  3. I found your blog via Christy Runs--and I saw that you're a dog lover! I just wanted to let you know that I'm giving away a customized dog bandana from k9design on my blog. Feel free to check it out and enter! I'm sure Wyatt will look super cute in a KSU bandana on game day!

  4. too...and yes you would come in 1st place! I go nutso with two dogs running around my feet acting like knuckleheads can't imagine 5!

    Oh...choco wine? LOVE IT. Baileys? LOVE IT! Dog crap? Not so much!! :O)

  5. I'm exhausted just reading about it...and that video of Wyatt and the puppies is too cute for words!

  6. You kids are brave to go sit in that cold rain!!! Good times tho!

  7. I couldn't read anything past the lovely words "chocolate wine." Sorry, that put me in a daze! haha

    "Let the unsobering begin!" haha :)

  8. Wooooo Cotton Bowl!! :)

    I love puppies....and I love that Wyatt is "I'm not sure what to do in this situation, so I'm just gonna wag my tail a lot."

  9. Are you coming to the Cotton Bowl?? :) I'm RIGHT here!!

  10. I love how Wyatt after you ask him if he wants one and then looks at them disgustedly like, "pshaaa only if rainbow farts fell from the sky would I want one of them annoying terds biting at my tail all damn day. How would I ever get in my 7 hour nap on your bed while you are not home????"


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