Friday, December 16, 2011

Winner Winner Bandana Chicken Dinner!

So this lovely little lady, Kim, from Living Domestically had this cute little giveaway a week or so ago and I just had to enter........because it was all about the puppehs!!!! Well, all about cute little bandanas for cute little puppies from K9Designs.
And y'all know how much I love my Wyatt.


I WON!!!!!

Or more like WYATT WON!!!!


Basically, K9designs is a website that sells custom bandanas for your pets. They have small bandanas, large bandanas, themed ones, solid color ones, ALL SORTS OF DESIGNS. Too cute, I tell ya.

I of course, picked a purple one (Go Wildcats!) and got the words 'WYATT, Go KSU' embroidered on it. Are you surprised, yup, me neither.

I've been waiting about as patient as a screaming 2 year old in a grocery store, but it finally came today!!!

Check it:
Not so happy about this 'thing' on his neck.

But, now we like it!

And a close up.
Pretty bad ass, huh?!

Ryan wasn't so thrilled with 'dressing up his dog', but we all know who wears the pants in THIS family. Right girls?! Right.
(It'd be Wyatt. He wears the pants. Actually, khaki's.)

Anyways, if y'all want a cute little bandana, check out K9designs!!!! Pretty reasonably priced and when I ordered it, it came within a few days!!! Bonus!

And let me know how cute you think Wyatt is in his KSU gear! He just dying to know what you think!

Thanks again Kim!!


  1. OMGOMGOMGOMG Love love it!! Probably especially love it because the object of my stalking is wearing it. : )

    Love that guy. :)

  2. Wyatt is unbelievably cute...just down right adorable...THE cutest I have EVER seen..oh wait..sorry-not as cute as my Fredbird! Yes, I said Fredbird...his name was a compromise with the one who wears some pants in our house (when I let him of course ha ha ha...jk-shhh don't tell I said that out loud).

    Seriously though, wyatt is a cutie; I sure the heck wouldn't kick him outta bed!! :O)

  3. Aww...I love it!! Wyatt is so cute modeling his bandana! I need to get Maddie one of those!

  4. That is adorable, Laura. I love purple anyway and it looks really good on Wyatt.

  5. LOVE it!! your puppies is just SQUISHABLE he's so darn cute!!!!

  6. That is adorable! Wyatt is a cutie! :)

  7. Ooooh cute!! Wyatt totally rocks that bandana!! What a lucky puppers!

  8. Wyatt is a handsome man.

    I'm wondering if I could get my kid-mutts to wear a bandana. It might be worth a try.

  9. so cute!! My linkin would love one that says RAVENS. lol.

  10. I love Wyatt. He just makes me want to smother him with kisses.

  11. So adorable!! The bandanna AND Wyatt!

  12. Cooper and Derby need one! And Tucker and Honey and Porter and Stella and. . . And then we can have our own purple dog pack. So handsome Wyatt!


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