Friday, August 26, 2011

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!

BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy – 5 little questions you can copy and paste to your own blog in an effort to get to know your fellow bloggers better and to give your blogging brain a break.


1. What is your blog theme and how did you pick your blog name?

When I started on my little 'healthify my batshit crazy life' adventure, I knew that all the dieting and exercising and just plain trying that I'd done in the past failed miserably because I wasn't really being held accountable for it. I'd set goals, then proceed to shoot grenades of purple porcupine piss at them....just for shits and giggles....and totally bomb at them. I never followed through and I rarely lost any weight. Genius.  So, in January I started looking at blogs for inspiration, I started following a few people, and really liked reading all about, well, everything.

And for some insane reason I felt the calling to put my thoughts out in the abyss of the internet.  Much to my husband's disappointment, mind you. (He feels kinda funny about me blabbing about everything. It's fine though.)  And so it began......all the questions. What do I want to talk about? What colors do  I want my post titles? What the heck is a blog anyway?!?

Somewhere in my endless question marks I decided that I definitely wanted to talk about getting healthier, but I didn't want to limit it to just that....lets face it, I'm not a Bedford Wife, I'm not going to be healthy robot 100% of my life.  Then came the realization that I love to drink beer. Always have, always will.  Even though that is pretty much a crater on the face of 'Healthy', I have no plans to totally give it up.  I'll just torture myself longer and harder to get to my goals. Again, genius. Anyway.  So, I had 'beer' and 'health', well, that wouldn't make a good blog (like I knew what a good blog was anyway), so I added my little 'child' Wyatt.  He is a huge piece that completes the puzzle of my life and I just LOVE talking about how darn cutey he is!
Just look at him! So cute!
There you go, Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier was born.  And you all should thank your lucky stars that I only post about my weirdo thoughts a few times a week. Because this girl is one can short of a six-pack most of the time.

2. Repeat question: I’m going to name a person not knowing anything about this person in your life or even if they exist and you need to try to describe them in five words/phrases.

Female neighbor two homes/doors down to the left
Idea Who

3. Which do you hate more? Spiders or snakes. Elliptical or treadmill. Hannah Montana or Lindsay Lohan.

Um, lets see, have I ever told you about the spider that attacked my face while Ryan was driving story? Nope? Oh, it's a goody. (And if I have, lets just remember that I'm forgetful and you'll just have to suffer though it again.) 

Ryan and I were in his truck driving down one of the busiest city roads in Wichita, and I'm staring out the window, and he's doing the same (I think he plays a game with himself to 'notice' as much crap that's going on OUTSIDE the vehicle than inside. Drives. Me. Nuts.). Anyway, I look forward and there is a spider DANGLING from his web TWO FREAKING INCHES from my eyeball! I SCREAMED bloody murder and tried to push back against my seat, secretly hoping I'd become an X-(Wo)Men and would melt right through to the damn bed of the truck. Farfarfar away from the evil 8 legged freak.  Well. Apparently it's not a good idea to scream louder than 16 year old chick in a horror flick while your husband is driving through an intersection. He thought that someone was going to T-bone us, or that he ran over the bag lady that was pushing her cart 3 blocks back, or that I had for sure lost all my cans in my six-pack and he needed to bee-line for the closest state mental facility.  Let's just say there was a little swerving, a LOAD of cussing, and me getting a few stern looks from the driver.  And I'd just like to point out that the damn spider looked ENORMOUS when it was nearly poking my eye out. (But in reality it was no bigger than a flea. No laughing. It was a traumatic event.) Moral of the story: I have arachnophobia.

As for the rest: Doesn't matter, but I dislike the elliptical a little bit more than the treadmill.  And Miley is quite possibly a 60 year old chain smoking pot loving hippy dude stuck in a 17 year olds body. Who can't sing. And ruined my one of my favorite 'books made into a movie'. But Liam Hemsworth almost made up for it.

4.  When you need something fancy/a dress – what is your go to store and why?

Kohls. Target. Dillards. The End.

5. Repeat question: How was your week in blog land and in real life?

Blogland I've picked up my pace a little. But it still took me till Thursday to get caught up on everyone's blogs from last weekend. Maybe I need to learn how to speed read. Really, I'm getting sosososo jealous of all you BOOBs and your little Chi-Town plans. I wanna GOOOO! So bad.  But, I can't. Since I already took my 18 vacations this year and still have to fly to Florida in Oct. I have-a no moola.  Next year!

Real Life:  Started back running again.  Got up at 4:30 AM on Wednesday to run (I'm going mad I tell ya).  Planned on getting up that early this morning, and was really excited about it (who typed that?) because it was supposed to be 65 degrees out, and my alarm didn't go off. So I woke up late, couldn't take a shower, and now my hair looks like someone spread crisco all over it. Pretty.

I bought the Eat-Clean Diet book last night and am already half way through! I love it so far, it's semi like what I've been eating now, only I really need to give up the donuts/popcorn/ice cream/3 Musketeers for good.  And I need to start adding complex carbs into every meal.  Plus chomp on a few more fruits.  I'll keep you posted, but I'm planning on starting Monday. Grocery shopping is WAY in order to begin this thing.

I've decided that if I ever want to totally stop the alcoholic beverage consumption (which I don't, hehehe) I'm gonna have to get a new job.  And since I can't afford to get a new job, let alone even have the energy to try to look for one, I'm going to have to suffer though, having the occasional brewsky to make my frown turn upside down.  Well, that and a bucket of very strong anxiety pills. 
(FYI, this is why my BYOC is 8 hours behind because I've been beating the shit out of my printers all day. It's been fun.)

Have a happeriffic weekend y'all!! 


  1. I had a spider crawl across the dash board as I was driving one day, to this day i am not sure how I didn't die that day.

  2. I'm a card-carrying member of the arachnophobia club. Anytime I scream, my dad comes without being summoned and kill whatever 8-legged wonder was inhabiting my immediate area.

    Read this. It will give you new appreciation for people who do this wonderful task. <3

  3. OMG I'm having spasms about how cute Wyatt is.

    I also despise spiders though honestly centipedes are worse for me. /nod

    I didn't even realize The Last Song was a book. I just didn't care for the movie. Perhaps I'll give the book a go!

  4. You are one crazy chick...but I loves ya for it!!!

    I think you should accidently drop a pot of coffee on one of those damn printers so it can be replaced.

  5. OK.. I thought we agreed that all pictures of gorgeous guys need to be put at the END of the blog post... We had an agreement! Now I have to go back and actually look to see if you put anything like words AFTER the picture!!

    Great BYOC!

  6. Oh how I've missed you!!

    "Have No Idea Who She Is" made me LOL!! and that was before I got to the spider story - I totally would have been right there with you; stern looks or not!

    And - I definitely think the donuts/popcorn/ice cream/3 Musketeers are only tiny little things in your way on the path to eating clean!

  7. How cute is Liam - never mind that he's super young. His brother is hot too!
    Good luck with eat clean - it does take planning.

  8. Wyatt!!! Is that his baby? My friend has a German Shepard that gathers up her "baby" (a stuffed something) and takes it with her to the hide in the shower stall during every storm. I love dogs.

  9. Great BYOC. Your spider story gave me the willies.

  10. After reading many BYOCs this week, I am so happy that I am not the only one who has no clue who lives two doors away from me. And your spider story...let's just say that the person in the cubicle next to me just poked her head around the wall to make sure that I wasn't having a seizure or's not easy to laugh your ass off quietly!!


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