Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

1.  I just want to say that I hope everyone involved in the earthquake yesterday is ok! What a scary freaky thing!! I have never experienced an earthquake, and pretty sure if I did, I'd probably mess my pants.

2.  And to those that might be effected by Irene: I am starting the praying process now. That way you're fully covered for whatever happens!

3. I ate pizza last night.  And I drank beers. But in my defense: I made beer and pizza plans with two of my cousin's over a week ago, so I had to fulfill my obligation, right?  And I suppose I didn't have to have beers and I could have chose something else to eat, but darn it, it was a rough day and I wanted a nice cold beverage.  Plus, I got up at 4 freaking 30 yesterday! That deserves a beer....or three.  Truthfully, I'm not that upset about it. I've been making really good food decisions this whole week and I've ran a total of 6 miles so far.  I think I'll just limit my beers this weekend. Maybe to just Saturday night. Or maybe not at all. Who knows! I might just get all radical like that!

4.  Don't you just hate it when your working your freaking tail off at work and some dumbshit comes in late in the afternoon and is like, "Oh, still working hard, huh?"  Well, that's what they pay me for window licker. But I sure will stop working hard if that's what you want. Grrrrr. No love. None at all.

5. I'm tired of the hotness. And I'm not talking about Ryan Reynolds.
A little eye candy for y'all this morning.
Really, I'm talking about the 46 miserable sticky sweat rolling down my buttcrack over 100 degree days we've had this summer here in Satan's crotch.  I'm tired of getting into my car and burning two layers of skin off my thigh from my fiery leather seats.  I'm tired of coming home and the temp in my house is equivalent to a freaking outdoor concert porta potty. And the damn air conditioner is on, it just can't keep up. I kinda feel sorry for all air conditioners, they try, but just can't do their job. For the love of Pete, give it a rest Mother Nature!!!!

6.  I have scheduled a massage for this Sunday. Can I just tell you that I am counting the seconds down till I get to be pummeled by a little gal named Kat.  See, I don't do the 'oh, just barely tap my shoulder muscles please. I'm a fragile little lily flower.' bullshit. I get BEAT. DOWN.  I come away bruised and sore and in a 'I can now walk on water and everything is right with the world and I can fart jelly beans and they will smell like orchids' kind of mood. What does it say about me that I like to get the shit kicked out of my back muscles by a random stranger? Pretty sure it says I'm a weirdo. Or a genius. Could go both ways. But it's fine, my neck will feel like a kazillion bucks a few days after the pulverization. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

7.  People keep calling me this morning. Work kind of people. Don't you know not to bother me until at least 9am?  Have I not trained you well enough in the last 2.5 years I've been employed at this wonderful establishment? Don't you know I live in crazed Mentaltown until I have at least 2 cups of coffee? Apparently not.  Anybody else just NOT a morning person?  Like, I can get up at the ass crack of dawn, but no matter what, I'm a bitch until 9. Never fails.  As long as no one talks to me, its fine, but the minute I have to form coherent thoughts and sentences I get pissed.  Maybe I should work on that.

8.  Ummm, Old Navy you need to repeat your grammar education:

9.  I think I'm going to take some advice from Mommykinz and try the Eating Clean Diet.  I went on the website and tried to find out more info, but I think I need to buy the book to really get the down and dirty.  Which is fine, because Wally World sells it for like 12 bucks.  I've heard a lot of people talk about 'eating clean' and I kinda want to see what the deal is.  It says no to counting, measuring, other crap that I hate, so maybe it's not so bad. And I don't think it's a 'fad', but more about eating more healthy. Which is what I want. I'll keep you all informed, because I know you're just sitting on the edge of your computer chairs dying to find out about yet another diet I'm going to try. Holy baby Jesus's I feel sorry for y'all sometimes.

10. I have not weighed myself since Monday (which read a very frowny face 154, up 4 lbs, boo). But don't get all your undies in a bunch, I haven't fully committed to a 'no scale' deal-ee-o, I just thought I should take a little break for an undetermined amount of time.  I'm running again, mostly eating right, so I should be losing, but I don't want a flat piece crap to control my life. So I'm taking a little page from many of my buddies on here and going sans-Devil weight calibration machine. Wish me luck.

Peace out homies!!!


  1. Mmmm ok - why do hot guys always look even hotter (is that even possible?) in black and white photos?

    Sorry about your burned thighs on the fiery leather seats girl. :( You could do that cool 70s thing and get some sheep skin for the seat covers! Haha. Ick.

  2. yum ryan reynolds!!

    i wish I could get a message this weekend!! sounds fantastic!

  3. Yeah Eat Clean! You will not be able to eat as much as they tell you do!

  4. I have to say sorry because I looked over the post but got stuck on the Ryan Reynolds eye candy and started drooling and had to skip past everything else... Can I tell you any more that if I saw this man in person I would attack him like a crazy cave woman! Love me some RyRy! :)

  5. ...there were words after the Ryan Reynolds picture??? There were??

    I'm NOT a morning person either!

  6. Thank you for the picture or Ryan...

    now I need to go get a towel to clean the drool off my desk.

    Also not a morning person, and it has taken Jeeves like 8 years to figure out that if he asks me to do something at 8am, I am going to fight with him so he's starting to shut up.

  7. You are HILARIOUS!!! I receive the monthly eat clean magazine and LOVE IT!! Smart investment...they have a 14 day clean eating diet in every issue that even has the shopping list made up for you. I keep them in the kitchen and have only had one recipe let me down. Just tons and tons of wonderful recipes and great photos.
    You gave me a great laugh today!!!

  8. I'm tired of the Hotness too and I'm not talking about Sprinkles's boyfriend from CF. :)

    I'm off for a massage of my own. Enjoy your scale vacay! I'm enjoying mine!

  9. I worked out at 9am this morning and thought of you. 4:30 am is for emergencies only. Don't know how you do it! haha

  10. girl, work people call me starting at 7 am and yum, he is yummy!

  11. I weighed myself Tuesday--after a four day bingefest which included, Five Guys, McDonald's, Take out Thai, Taco Bell and Jamba Juice. I kid you not. The scale said I had gained 4 pounds too. But as today, I lost 3--so one more pound to go til I'm back to normal. this is why you should never weigh on monday...too much water weight.

  12. LOL, I loved your post today!!

    And I am NOT a MORNING person either!! Luckily for me, I am Medically Retired, so I don't have to get up early for work anymore....especially since I don't go to bed until somewhere between 2-5 am every single night!!

    If only my hubby would let me sleep in beyond 9:30-10:00!! He IS a Morning person, getting up around 5 am without an alarm clock practically every single day!

    As for the hot seats, I agree, Sheepskin covers keep the seats cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter!!

    And I am sooo sorry for just about everyone else this Summer!! Usually it is the West Coast area that is hit hard in the Summer, instead of the East Coast and Mid West!

    Knock on wood...we haven't had a single day of 100 degrees here YET!! And I am keeping my fingers crossed, it stays that way!! LOL

  13. Now I want a massage too. I have a wonder man that has been beat my back musles for years. I am giving him a call tomorrow.
    Fun post.

  14. I got a massage the day after my birthday for the first time in years and it was magical! Hope you enjoyed it!


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