Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

1. Little pink colors you are just not enough. I have to break up with you now, Pink, because I have found another luva.  He is fine and fantastic and I will obsess about him like some crazed psycho daisy may stalker.  Meet Brisk Blue:
WTH is up with my man hand?  Can anyone explain please? Because in my dainty slim fingers world my hands are small and elegant.  What aliens abducted my hands and replaced them with blubber sticks? Humm? I would like to know please! Because you are in big trouble.

2.  Along the lines of 'man'.....Apparently LauraBelle-grown man-pant veggies can not just be carrots.
They can be cucumbers also. How in the name of vegetable farts do these things happen in my garden?  I'm starting to think that coke'd up garden gnomes got ahold of some atomic-F-me-up chemicals and decided to have a 'sprinkle LauraBelle's garden' party.  Maybe I should start selling these on Ebay.

3. This is what happens after F. E. T. C. H. (remember, can't type it out loud or the 'child' will want to play again. And again. And again.)

2 milliseconds later:

4.  You know what the temperature high was yesterday?  Betcha really want me to share, huh? Well, I'm going to anyway. Try to keep up.  It was 83. EIGHTY-FREEZE MY TATAS OFF-THREE! It was almost unbelievable. Pretty sure I daydreamed the whole day, but it's fine.  You know what else happened yesterday.....pretty much all day.... It rained.  As in precipitation from the Good Looking George Clooney Puffy Cloud Sky Gods.  They have shined down upon thee and made me a happy camper.  Do you think the rain dance I've been preforming every night helped? Ya, me too. (Good thing Ryan's not around to see that shenanigans.)

5.  I didn't run last night. I actually didn't exercise at all yesterday.  When I woke up it was pouring, and I did my little happy rain dance, then went back to bed for an hour.  After work was the weekly 'cousin meeting' at the bowling alley/pizza joint/bar.  I may have had too much pizza. I also may have had too much beer.  And it may have been a blissful 79 degrees when i came home and the deck was shouting my name and I figured I'd better oblige before the neighbors got pissed at it's shouting. That's ok. That's life. I won't get my 5 days exercise in this week because.....

6.  I'm going to Fort Worth this weekend!  Hoooraaahhh for Texas, baby! Why do i chose to leave the heavenly temps of 80 degrees for sweltering Satan's armpit weather, you ask? Because I'm clearly insane.  No, really, I have some very great friends that live there and they can't live without seeing me (and my hubby) for more than a month, so we HAVE to go down there. For them, of course.  (Eating at great restaurants, drinking copious amounts of adult beverages and amazing shopping isn't a factor. It's all about 'the friends.') I can't wait. I'm so excited I could pee the TX state flag.

7.  Yesterday, another supervisor called me at 9am in the morning asking where his unit was. (Haha, didn't think about how perved that is until now. God I crack myself up.) Anywoozles.  I informed him that I didn't have his unit and that I checked it out a week ago.  Meaning: it is not in my possession, and hasn't been IN A WEEK.  He then proceeds to tell me that since he doesn't have it and the Parts Room doesn't have it, that logically I have to have it.  Yes, because that makes perfect sense in looloo land.  Here's the kicker: I asked if he has looked in his lab.  His response, "Well, Yeaaahhhh." F you very much, that was super mature.  I said, check AGAIN. Low and behold they found his unit in his lab.  Praise be to all that is Holy. Rude Ass. PS Rude Ass: Do not disturb me until 9:30am. The coffee has not hit my brain yet and I'm surprised I didn't bite off your unit.

8.  I have come to the conclusion that Dow Jones is never going to get laid.  I mean, if he did, I'm pretty sure his 'numbers' would be pointing in the right direction. Let's get it together Economy and get this guy a loose girl. (I should work in the stock market.)

9.  Wyatt licked his paws last night for I swear 45 minutes. Why in the WORLD do you feel the need to lick your paws for THAT long, Dog?  Slurp, Lick, Slurp, Lick, Cough...(hair up the nose), Slurp....
Really? You didn't get your toes clean enough the first 10 minutes? I don't even shower for 45 minutes.

10.  Tomorrow is Friday. I'm semi-sure I can make it one more day. Let's all put our hands together and pray for working printers. And no smurf spit-balls. (I changed it from exploding Smurfs because I didn't want to ruin your kids' lives. And i kinda felt bad about exploding the Smurfs in the first place.)

Now everyone go out and prosper!


  1. Hey Laura, my family's dog used to lick her paws and the vet said it was because she had allergies. And when dogs get allergies they don't have runny noses, they lick their paws. See you this weekend, love the pic!

  2. Ya Texas! Can you bring some of that rain with you, purty please? Funny Thursday 10!

  3. Fun post! You always crack me up! I live about 30 minutes from Fort Worth! Hey, we're supposed to have a cold friend and it will only be around 100 instead of 110! :)

  4. Maybe you need to take our specialty vegetables to the Farmers Market and make some money off of them.

    Pretty blue fingers and toes! I'm craving something different this week too.

  5. OMG WYATT SIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!
    *dies of cuteness* AND OMG is that an orange collar too??

    Oh and Tweak has been licking his paws constantly lately. He licks toys, the couch, his paws. I'm not sure what's up.

    Love love you and your baby. :) Thank you for absolutely making my day.

  6. Love the name Wyatt, it's my son's name too. LOL

    My hands, though way thinner now, (wedding bands sized down from 8 to 6 and stretch) they will never be elegant or graceful. Strong and capable yes things of beauty no. :)

  7. Love this post and love you...we can make it to tomorrow - because beer awaits. Be well my mini me.

  8. I live right next to Fort Worth. I'm waving furiously at you!! Furiously as in crazily, not as in angrily. Ha! :) Have a super fun Texas weekend and if you find yourself stranded, I will come pick you up and buy you a beer!!

  9. New Follower :) found you on Cat's blog! Wyatt is adorable!

  10. The whole blog was awesome, so all I can say is: LOL


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