Friday, June 17, 2011

BYOC...Bring Your Own Crazy!!

It’s time for BYOC...Bring Your Own Crazy!! We answer some questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blog brains a break. Copy and paste to your own blog and ENJOY!

1. Do you make your bed every day? Tell us about or show us a picture of your bed comforter?
Yes, I have to.  Mainly because our 'child' is a spoiled rotten scoundrel that gives me the sweetest, saddest, cutest little look every morning that says, "Please Mom, Please let me stay inside today! PAALEEEZE!"

Looks pretty spoiled comfy huh?
Yet another pose.
We do put Wyatt's 'blankie' down so that he's not on the new comforter, so that's the white blanket. (Who chooses WHITE btw when they have a dog that is usually covered in Lord knows what from the yard and farm??!!) But our bedroom is a mintish green and the comforter is a tan, and I have purple (imagine that) throw pillows and blankets...that I put on only if the dog isn't getting on the bed, so we've used them only twice in 2 years.
2. Johnny Cash or Elvis? Thin crust pizza or deep dish? Coke or Pepsi? Beer or wine or neither?
Mr. Cash!!!

I ate deep dish last night. Bad Laura Bad!

Diet Coke. I can't stand all the sugar in regular soda's anymore, so it's diet all the way.

I'm pretty sure you can all guess this one.  Just in case you all are still not fully awake: I like beer.  But I do drink wine, gin and tonics, margaritas, and sangria. 

3. I recently went through my list of blogs I follow and was at my limit so I unfollowed bloggers who haven’t blogged in at least 6 months. I want to start following some more new blogs. Who’s your fave lately? Funniest? Most inspiring? Can you link them for me??
Well, I love me some Draz. She is the coolest chick on the block and has inspired me so much since I have known her.
I also like: Running of the Reeses - she's hilarious!, Sarah is amazingly awesome!, Beth Ann so inspiring!, Angie's so fantastic!, and Christy's a cutey that knows tons about running!
4. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.
Blogland is going pretty good. I did a major emotional post this week and got some great responses from tons of great people. It just solidifies that there are great inspiring people out there who can become some of the best friends and you've never even met face to face.  Just thrills me all the time how cool you all are.

Real life I have been Fatty McLazy Pants and have only ran one time.  ONCE! (But that one time was killer because I made the 3 mile mark my bitch.) What the hell is wrong with me?! Wait, don't answer that.  I also ate pizza, ice cream, salt and vinegar chips (which were sooo good), and drank beers two nights this week.  Shitballs. I think once I get back from Denver I'm going to revamp the diet and running.  It's needed. 4th of July is a few weeks away....the bikini is coming out and I'm NOT going to be all Flabby Flaberton!
(Note: the owner of my company just dropped off a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Farts. I've gotta eat 'em right? I mean, it'd be disrespecting not to. Right? Double Farts.)

Peace out my little homey's! I will miss you this weekend and will share all the fun stories with you when I get back!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. Laura stay away from the cookies!! You can do it. You have to save space for all the awesome things you are doing this weekend.

    Put the cookie down and walk away.

  2. OMG, how have I missed you? I came over here from Draz's blog and I sitting at my desk full on red nose bawling after reading the post about your step dad, that was beautiful! I'm glad to be a follower now!

  3. New blog recs, yay! :)

    PS. I looooooooooooooove Salt & Vinegar chips. Hell, any kind of chip really.

  4. So Miss Fatty McLazy Pants, I will quote Miss Sarah from earlier this week "It doesn't matter how slow you go, you are still lapping the people on the couch." So once is something and after your marathon week...that happens.

    Step it up next week or I will come kick your butt. (Ha! Yeah, right.)

  5. Hello,

    I'm Nellie, though I go by the Ninja on my blog, I'm a new reader, and it's good to meet you.

    Love the cowgirl jeans from the previous post, I have always wanted a pair.

  6. Hi Laura Belle. Well, you were mentioned THREE seperate times on blogs I love (Draz, Beth Ann and Dawnya) so I figured I gots to come by and check out this awesome Laura Belle! I'm Cat by the way and am also happily married and have a four legged son. His name is Tweak and he is probably as spoiled as Wyatt. I look forward to getting to know you, even though I feel I have half a blog crush on you already because of all the love sent your way from the other chicks!

  7. I have a dog comforter that looks just like yours. It's great for warmth, but not so good for allergies :)


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