Monday, June 13, 2011

Giveaway to check out!

My friend Christy over at My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog is doing a fun giveaway of Chocolate #9 Energy Gel. Go to the link above to her blog and enter!!

Here's what the website says about it:

Chocolate #9 is different because it:

  • is sweetened only with organic agave.
  • contains no refined sugar or other HIGH glycemic index sweeteners.
  • has been – tested and certified – as a “LOW” glycemic index (GI) item.
  • Chocolate #9 LOW GI gel reduces the negative effect of repetitive insulin “spiking” during sustained exercise.
  • won’t cause a sugar high or a sugar low – bonk.
  • is an excellent energy choice for endurance athletes.
  • is suitable for most diabetics – and used by Team Type 1.
  • is an excellent choice for those not wanting to eat refined sugar.
  • is vegan, low fat and gluten free.
  • contains no synthetics – no unpleasant aftertastes – tastes great.
  • contains no “mystery” ingredients, colorings, or preservatives.
  • is easy on the stomach.
  • best of all — Chocolate #9 tastes great.
Sound pretty good.  Plus, if you order on their website there's free shipping! I'm gonna have to try this stuff!

You all know I have a (little) obsession with chocolate.

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  1. I have a healthy addiction to chocolate... If you call pigging out on Hersheys while hiding in the back of a closet under a blanket with a flashlight to make sure I get all of the paper off healthy... lmao

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced


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