Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ten Things Thursday.

1. Highland Nonfat Cottage Cheese is sooo much more scrumdealiumptious than Daisy Lowfat Cottage Cheese.  And I have also decided that cottage cheese and tomatoes are the combo invented by the Tastes Sensational Gods.

2. A guy at worked asked me yesterday if I painted my fingernails purple to match the KSU t-shirt I had on.  First I looked at him like he was from another planet. Second I replied, "Are you kidding me?! I only do that once a year. And that 'once' happened to be last weekend for the wedding.  I will now leave on my purple polish for 3 months till it all chips off on its own. Because I'm trashy-lazy-ghetto like that." 
Fo Realz:
Don't be jealous of my fabulous cuticles. Jesus.
3. One of my favorite songs is Marvin Gaye-Got To Give It Up.  Every time it comes on I want to shimmy my Ben & Jerry's (thighs) and shake my bubble booty to it's groove-tastic rhythm.

4. This is my Grandma Betty (GB for short). This is who I get to thank for my disproportional ass to waist ratio. And she thinks it's hilarious.  Isn't she just the cutest little granny ever!!!
Yes, you are correct...that is a fringe t-shit.
And she wears it with flair!
6. I'm thinking that a new obsession with my wings (arm flab) is beginning to break free to the surface. When I was posing for the 'flexing' picture I posted yesterday, I was temped to just lean over and give my bicep a little smooch....then I realized that I have no bicep to smooch.  I think I need to work on getting biceps so I can smooch them. And so I can get a t-shirt made that says, "Got your tickets? To the gun show?" with purple arrows pointing to the newly sculpted wings.

7. I put oat bran in my Key Lime Pie yogurt (cause I'm supposed to eat oat bran according to Dr. Dukan) and if I close my eyes and concentrate reeeeeaaallll almost seems like pie crust. Almost.

8. It was 102 degrees yesterday. It was 100 the day before that. And again 100 the day before that. This is what the Weather Channel says:
No shit Sherlock.
Too late, half my garden is already ashes because of this Satanic weather. I'll be lucky if I can produce anything before my plants spontaneously burst into flames and start shooting fireballs at the dog.

9. I get to come home to this. Every. Day.

The murder/pruning job is courtesy of my husband.
He's for hire if you need your shrubs chopped. Cheap labor.
10. I promise this is the last time I will change the theme to my blog. At least for a little while. I just needed a little more purple in there. Now I've got A LOT.  I feel better.

Going running tonight. It's cooled down to a brisk 95 degrees.
Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. Love the new look!

    I have always HATED cottage cheese. But it just occurred to me the other day when I was telling someone that, that I haven't tried it in about 15 years. So I told my mom that during my big challenge next week, I'm going to try it. Now I just have to figure out the best way to serve it. :)

  2. Mmm I heart cottage cheese, I can eat whole containers in a sitting. I also have a very adorable Grandma Betty. She's a sassy lady with a younger boyfriend. :)

  3. I almost thought I was on the wrong blog site! I guess I can deal with the over abundance of purple if it means I get to read your blog. lol
    BTW, try cottage cheese with a handful of salt and pepper Pop-Chips. Great snack!

  4. I love the new look! I love cottage cheese anytime, anywhere. Some yummy variations (as if you asked) are to put a very small dollop of ranch dressing (lite is perfect) or sour cream - totally yummy!

  5. Okay here's a suggestion for you to try. Insteat of Oat Bran, try sprinkling some Wheat Germ on a few scoops of low fat Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. It tastes like cheesecake with a graham cracker crust. Enjoy!


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