Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Wedding Extravaganda

Well...I sat down to write about this amazing weekend and got the damn title written and I didn't like the way my computer was arranged on the desk. So I rearranged it.  Then the keyboard wouldn't fit where I wanted so I had to unplug it, dig through the kazillion cords (practically hanging upside down so I could see in the very back corner of the desk) to find the damned unplug cord and then fish it through the back of the desk, finally to grab it, then drop it again.  But I got it plugged in, everything situated and now the mouse doesn't work. For freaking Christ's sake! I dug another mouse out to use for now, but I'm about ready blow up my home office.

And now Ryan's mad at me because I snapped at him because I'm really mad about everything I just wrote above.

I need a beer.

Nope...I'm going running. No beer.

On to the real topic of this post....The Wedding! Oh my it was so much fun. We laughed, we danced, we drank, we made complete fools of ourselves in front of hundreds of people. Good times.

Ryan and I got into Kansas City around 2pm, dropped the pup off at Grandma and Grandpa Wiksten's (Wyatt's grandparents, not ours) and headed Downtown.  I've only been to KC about a handful of times, and only been Downtown about once....with the in laws.  Our hotel was an older fairly newly renovated place that had 13 floors, 3 exceptionally small elevators, a ballroom, and a bar.  No pool. But we really didn't need one so I got over it.  Our room was OK. Marble countertops and down comforters. No fridge. What kind of high priced hotel is this??!! So we dug out the ice bucket to put our beer in (BTW, couldn't put it in the sink because I was going to be using it to get ready).  That bucket held about 2 beers. Not good people.  It ended up not mattering because our friends Matt and Jake forgot beer, so they came down to drink our ever increasingly warm beer. All worked out for the best.
The view from our room.
Rehearsal Dinner outfit.
Classic photo pose I learned from Paris Hilton.
Anyways, rehearsal went off without a hitch....on to rehearsal dinner! IT. WAS. FABULOUS. I had steak and a Caesar salad with one teeeeeny bit of the best mash potatoes ever.  Then came the drop-dead-mouth-watering-I-have-died-and-achieved-the-pearly-gates desert of a lifetime. Orange Chocolate Creme.  I'm drooling now just thinking about it. Hard chocolate on the outside, smooth orange flavored creme on the inside.  OH MY GOD.  Orgasmic.
All the cool people at rehearsal dinner.

Look at this hot couple. Man that guy is dead sexy!
After dinner we all went to a few bars in the local area, hung out for awhile before we headed to the Power and Light District. This is an awesome little place that is about the size of a city block with an open pavilion that had a stage and theme bars surrounding that.  It was an interesting night...to say the least.  We drank and chatted and people watched. (I LOVE to people watch. So does Ryan, we barely talk when we are out because we sit there and just look at everyone.  OK it seems weird when I type it out, but it just fascinates me for some reason.)  About 1 am we called it a night and headed to our rooms.
The Bride Jordan, Me, and Lindsey. Just chillin' at the bar.
Saturday morning I got to sleep in a bit. Ryan had to be up and ready at 10am, so that meant I was up. But 'the wives' and I decided to go shopping during the morning, being that the wedding wasn't until later that evening (all our husband's are in the wedding, and fortunately all 'the wives' love each other so we hang out as much as we can...w/o boys).  So we hopped in my friend Lindsey's car and navigated the endless construction packed roads to head to Legends, an outside shopping mall.  HEAVEN! I needed jeans, Lindsey needed shoes and my other friend Jess needed shoes too.  First stop...jeans. Found one pair out of 16 that fit me.  Damn my bubble ass and unproportioned waist.  Then on to the shoe store.  This store was the mecca of all shoe stores. Isles of shoes everywhere. Most on sale.  I didn't even know where to begin.  I could have stayed there all day.  To spare my friends the torture of me going from shoe to shoe, I went straight to the back to the clearance section. BINGO. Sandals for $20! Score.  Then heading out I was jealous of Lindsey and her new running shoes so I decided to buy a pair for myself.  Score #2 just $90!
Aren't they just adorable! I wish they had purple in the shoes...but oh well.
Once back to the hotel with our many bags we had a beer at the bar and headed up to get ready.  For some dumbass reason I thought the wedding started at 6pm, so Lindsey, Jess and I were going to meet at 5:15.  Well, it was like 2:30, so we had plenty of time to kill.  I washed up, slowly took my sweet time doing my hair so that every strand was damn near perfect, then ironed my dress (for the 3rd time), and applied my face (which took forever because I hardly ever wear anything but eyeliner), then just sat down and watched a movie.  It was about 4:45 and I thought, "hmmm, maybe I should look at the invitation, just to be sure." Damn good thing I did. The wedding was starting in 15 minutes!!! So I call Jess, i call Lindsey, luckily we were all ready and got there in plenty of time. I can be such a moron. (Oh, and the minute I'm rushing out of the hotel room door, my freaking white shoes break! Not horrible, but the pad where your heel sits came off and my heel kept sticking to the shoes.  No worries, I think they're fixable.)

Ceremony was beautiful, colors being a pale yellow and gray.  Ryan looked so handsome in his suit.  Dinner was steaks, fried mashed potatoes (YUM) and cupcakes for the 'wedding cake'.  The speeches were hilarious. Jordan's (the bride) dad did an awesome job joking around that his family are big KU fans and Will (groom) and his friends are BIG KSU fans (in-state universities that are serious rivals).  Then the best man was gut-splitting. It was so neat.  After all the goodies got over with we tried out the dance floor. They had a live band and it was the best music ever. Every 'cool' reception song that you would want to shake your tail feather too was played.  I had a complete blast.
Isn't he so cute in his suit?!

Jess, Lindsey, Jordan, Me, and Kelly.  All the wives.
Any the only pic I have of the dress full length.
After the reception we went down to Power and Light again. Pretty much the whole reception went down there, included Bride, Groom, Parents of them, family, and wedding party.  It was epic.  Danced till our little feet couldn't handle any more.

All in all, it was a rockin' good time and I had so much fun with all of our friends. I've decided that when I get married again, it's going to be just like that! (Just kidding Ryan.)

Well, it's cooled down to a brisk 158 degrees so I'm going to go out and do a little running. (And probably damn near sweat a nipple off, as my friend Sarah said to me earlier. That girl is down right hilarious!)



  1. You did such a great update! I almost feel like I was invited!

    By the way, nice touch with the beer caption... lol Nate has some skunky stuff in the basement he needs to drink.... And I'm jone-sin' for a Heineken! It's hotter than Paris Hiltons cooter here! Need beer; will travel.

    Sweet Jesus, its HOT!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  2. I love, love, love your dresses. LOVE THEM! I want to go buy a new dress now. ...because I LOVE your dresses. Did you get that? Cause I love them.


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