Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just another run on a hot summer night....

To the farmer that planted the corn field on Hap McLean Park Rd.: I added some extra nutrients to one of your corn stalks this evening in the way of my supper.  Your welcome for helping your corn grow better.

To the F-ing doe that *popped* out of the grass field and made my heart stop mid-beat: The next time I see you I will be carrying the biggest baddest rifle Ryan owns to pump you so full of lead that Swiss cheese will have less holes.

This is what shiny looks like:

Holy Sweaty Shitballs, I didn't realize I looked so...appealing. I apologize for putting you all through that. It won't happen again.

Praise be to chocolate covered Oreos and Belgium waffles with whipped cream. (Two of which I haven't seen since Christmas.)



  1. Hey! New follower here, and I absolutely LOVE your blog!! Your photography is outstanding! I can't wait to read MORE!

  2. AWESOME!!!!!! Great Workout Wednesday pic!

  3. Great workout! And those waffle Oreos sound pretty delish.

  4. Fabulous "glow" pic! And way to do your part helping the corn grow! : )

  5. You look like a sexy, sweaty goddess!!

    Don't shot the doe. She was more scared than you. Don't kill Bambi...please.

  6. Dude! It's ~~SO~~ hot out careful! You could view it as a cleansing experience....sweat and otherwise, EEK! ;)

  7. Yeah, I'm running tonight, and again tomorrow, tonight is going to be alright but tomorrow it's going to be a heat index of 105 and humid, hello inhaler.

  8. Look at you all glistening and tanned.

    P.S. Please don't hurt bambi. :)

  9. I would show you what my Wednesday workout glow looks like but unfortunately the only glow came from the lighting in the Leabanese restaraunt and the from all the wine I drank. I suck!


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