Friday, June 10, 2011

The Running Gods have shined down upon thee....

Holy green shitballs!  HOLY MOLY! Good Mother of God. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Paul, St. Kitts, Sacajawea, Puff the Magic Dragon, and Fabio!!!

You will never...NEVER...guess what happened to me this morning.  Yes, bright and early at 5:30 (IN THE FREAKING A.M.!) morning.

It's monumental. It's like a dream. I'm actually wondering if I just made the whole thing up....Nope. I did it. For REAL!

I ran 2 miles this morning without stopping.  2 MILES!!

I was just jogging along and after the first mile I was a little winded and my legs were starting to ache but they still felt pretty good.  I mean, my lungs were still in one piece for sure. They didn't at all feel like a shriveled up deflated balloon. So, I kept going. And going. And going!  Pretty soon I'm rounding the corner and that spot that is the 'two mile' point. 



Can I tell you that in the middle of the road I came to a screeching halt, looked up at the overcast sky, did a little nod to the Running Gods and did a little boogey dance complete with booty shake, jiving hips, snapping fingers, and arms in the air.  I bet I looked 'special'.

What a good Friday.

On another note: we almost got blown away last night.  Huge storms, swirling clouds, updrafts, and crazy lightening all around our house.  Not good.  Wyatt doesn't much care for hail. He'd kept going up to press his nose to the window to see what was making that ping-ping sound against the glass, then a 'big' hail would hit and he'd jump back 2 feet.  It was kinda hilarious. But the storm passed just leaving some much needed rain and {THANK YOU LORD} cooler temps.

I can add 4.95 miles and 1 hour to my Challenges. That means I have 10.95 miles left of the Marathon. I feel kinda badass.  Should I feel kinda badass?  Ummm....yeppers I should. I don't care if I'm tooting my own horn (haha I wrote toot), I've worked really hard this week. So I deserve it.

Believe it or not I'm thinking of going out running again tonight. 
Sometimes I wonder about my mental state.


  1. That is awesome! 5:30...2 miles...feeling good...meeting marathon goals...feeling badass...running again? Holy crap that is a lot of awesome!! Glad you made it through the storm okay!

  2. Good for you on the running, Laura. You are doing great. I can't do the running thing yet. My hips and knees wont take it. It is from all the years of abuse they have endured. When this marathon is over and you rock it, you should go out and celebrate with a new outfit or something. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. :)

  3. You are just kicking butt early in the morning. Good job. You are badass!

  4. My mouth is hanging open from the sheer amount of awesome overload! THAT'S FANTASTIC! You'd have found my dead ass on the side of the highway after 2 miles! (I'd have died. For SO PROUD OF YOU! Way to rock it!

    Okay, so we are almost there! I have a wee bit more mileage to do yet than you, but I don't plan on taking any days off this week because I took off Wednesday for Cole's sleep study thinger. And what ARE we going to do next week? Hmm....

    Have a good weekend! Have a beer! You deserve it!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  5. All I wanna know is how do you know how to spell Sacajewea? I mean really? Oh and congrats - you win this week. I was sucktastic at best. Now go have a beer. ♥ U

  6. Seriously, you're bad ass! You go girl!!! Next thing you know you will have run 3 and 4 and 5, that is if you wanna get that crazy, haha. :)

  7. Wish I could have seen your little boogie, you SHAKE it woman!

  8. First of all, you rock! Second, just wanted to say I totally visualized you doing that dance! Good for you!


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