Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

#1.  A BIG thank you to everyone that commented/read/learned from/appreciated my special post yesterday. There are so many of you that I consider really good friends and I am so humbled that you all would reach out and make me feel loved. Yesterday was tough. Writing what I did was tough…and good at the same time.  I really struggled with sharing it, because I didn’t know what people’s reactions would be. I guess I was nervous. But you all made me feel completely comfortable and it warmed my heart from the words you wrote.  I didn’t realize the impact that would have on me and my family, and even you all, but it was a lot bigger than I anticipated. And I’m glad. And I know Mike is glad and proud too. So, thank you again, for being there for me!
Now for a little psycho babble.
2.  I have bling on my jeans this morning.  That’s right. Bling. I wear cowgirl jeans and it has bling. Don’t be a hater.
Sorry for the close up of Jerry (right thigh). Usually we try not to get this close.
3.  To match my bling jeans I wore one of my favorite peach colored T’s.  Well, I’d like us all to take a moment of silence for the peach T. (Silence)  It was puked on by my printer today and will never recover. My printer isn’t just a normal little desktop cute-as-a-button printer, it is a demonically possessed machine the size of 1961 Volksw@gon Minibus that spewed cyan ink all over the bottom half of my T. Just for shits and giggles. I F-ing hate that thing.
This is the spawn of Satan that I work with everyday.
4.  I’m going to Denver this weekend to take my bestest friend in the whole wide world’s engagement photos.  We also will partake in a little alcohol consumption and will eat at her fiancé’s restaurant (he’s also my good friend, I kinda was the happy match maker for this little relationship. I’m shocked it’s lasted as long as it has with me playing cupid. Just kidding.) I have not seen her in months and can not wait!!! But I can wait for the 8 hour drive…all by lonesome. Jeesh.

Wanna know why the acorns appear to have cleavage?
The seamstress made my wedding dress for size 2 Barbie.
Not size 10 Laura. It was long day.
5.  My motivation this week has been shit-tastic at best.  When I’m at work, I avoid work. When I’m at home, I avoid home. I don’t even know how that’s possible. I’ve only ran once. ONCE. Obviously this little mini-vacay to Colo. is coming at the perfect time, because I NEED some time off from both work and home.
6.  Ryan told me this morning that he’s going to clean out my coat closet turned white trash-rigged pantry. WHAT?! Yes, my kitchen is the size of a porta-potti and I had to ‘convert’ our hall coat closet for things that I NEED to be near the kitchen, but that I can’t fit in the 2.5 cabinets I have in the kitchen.  Like my salad spinner and Wyatt’s broken stuffed animals that I need to perform surgery on so they can go back to living with all his other play things and the 218 packages of Ramen that I bought before I started this health trend and margarita scented candle that I love but doesn’t go with anything in our house because it’s lime green.  He’s going to put all that important stuff down in the basement and I’m not going to be able to find it when the apocalypse happens and I actually need it.  This is seriously messing with my mental pack-rat emotions.
7.  Why is it that Dipshit management with a penis thinks that actually listening and understanding when a woman explains how she does her job (which she wrote the manual for) is not required?  Why is it that said Dipshit instead just pulls bullshit from his little hole in his ass that sits upon his shoulders and tells said bullshit to people that can use their magical powers to shut down my department if they even get a twitch that we aren’t doing our job to the certification (based on the previously mentioned manual) that they graciously gave us? Why is said Dipshit even a MANAGER? (That situation just happened by the way, which is why I’m spitting nails while typing this.) But you wanna know what’s cool?  I let him spew his bullshit, then I corrected him and made him look like the baboon’s ass that he is.  Maybe that’s why he’s scared of me…because I will become your worst nightmare if you mess with my department. Jerkoff.  Ok I feel better.
8.  I’ve decided that I need a maxi dress. Only because Draz has one, and talked about it today and now I want one.  I’ve also decided that since I’m headed to Wally World today anyway that I just might see what they have in the way of long flirty dresses. (Because I’m classy and like cheap clothes, plus I’m too lazy to drive over to K*hl’s.)
9.  I am officially at a plateau. That flat-chested hooker that spouts out the same damn number every morning can take her ‘150.2’ and shove it up an elephant’s butt.
10.  (Warning: Best thing you’ll read all day) I RAN 3 MILES!!! Woot Woot! I not only met my 2.5 mile goal (5 days early), but I freakin’ drop-kicked the SOB!  It happened Wed. morning, and again I did a little happy dance in the middle of the road.  There I was, rockin’ it out to a little MJ and I looked up and a dude in a truck was sitting in his driveway just staring at me.  Great. At least he got a little show before he ventured off to Employmentland.
That’s it for me peeps! (Oops, I almost wrote poops, hehe.)
Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. Woot! 3 miles! Yes! Great job!

    How is it that your scale is a flat chested hooker & mine is filthy gutter whore? (We have serious issues... lol)

    I'm headed to read yesterday's post as we speak. Grabbing tissues first based on your first paragraph though...

    Hugs & loves,

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  2. You rock, sister! Have a super fun time with your Bestie!

    Just so you know, I think I could barely stand to adore you any more than I do. Always here for you, chica!

  3. 1. I love Mike.
    2. Um really - I'm in love with you. Bling on jeans? Amazeballs.
    3.Because the printer ate your shirt - this is cause for a shopping trip to buy a new one.
    4.Be careful driving. Have fun.
    5. Again - have fun
    6. Shit - you're a pack rat too?
    7.Um dipshit has a penis. That's his first and only problem...and excuse.
    8.Stop calling it a maxi. Ugh. It's just a long dress. Ha. I got mine at Kmart...cuz I'm a classy lassy too.
    9. I hate flat chested hookers. I want mine double EEs at the least
    10. WOOT WOOT!!!!

    You're lucky to didn't write poops...ack!

  4. Love the bling jeans, totally flattering shot of the thighs btw. i have three pairs of bling jeans. :)
    Sounds like you are really on a roll with this one, but I bet you feel better now! Way to drop kick the 3 miles btw. This makes me so proud of you. i even have a little tear in my eye.

  5. Amazing Jeans! Great job on getting your sweat on....exercise is the super key item to health! :)

  6. I like the bling jeans. Might have to get a pair...

    Yay for the 3 miles! My motivation is also crap right now. :(


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