Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lunch, I'm a cheater, + Satan's Humble Abode....

This is some of the amazingness that I had for lunch today. Because I know you all are sitting on the edge of your office chairs waiting for me to post what I'm shoving down my gullet. Just roll with me here.

Ok, I realize that I'd pretty much mowed through half of it before I took a picture, but still, you get the idea. It's a Greek Salad with mostly cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, black olives, red onions, a little lettuce and (my secret love obsession) feta cheese. Watch out Feta, I'm stalking you like Mr. Kool-Aid stalks 5 year olds.  I also got chicken on it for a little protein.  OH. MY. LOVEHANDLES. This is so good. And this monstrous container was FULL and they call it a 'medium'. Whah??? I'd qualify this Extra Large, thank you very much.  Being the extremely strong and full of willpower person that I am I only ate half.  Ya, when Porky flies. I took one for the team and plowed through 3/4 of it before I ended up breaking my plastic fork in half so I wouldn't eat any more. 

Oh, and what really makes this salad (besides the feta) is the best, ok, lets be real, it's the totally INSANELY ORGASMIC Greek dressing. Complete with fresh dill. FRESH DILL PEOPLE. Need I say more.

Ummm, yes, they gave me a bathtub of dressing and I seriously contemplated just drinking it out of the container. Screw the veggies. As you can see, I successfully accomplished consuming half the container. My ass will thank me later for indulging in all that oil blissfulness.

You bet your ass I saved the measly little that was left for an afternoon snack.  It's sitting in the mini fridge now....whispering sweet nothings to me. (Damn it, I'm hearing food voices again. Crank over the padded van and pick me up.)

Semi-off subject. (I know I change gears like a 312 lb trucker driving through the mountains.) I took the above pics with a new camera. Yes, I got another one. Again. 

I have a confession.....I have betrayed the Sweet Canon Camera Gods....I have purchased a Nikon. 
Where's that padded van? Because I am now certifiably looney tunes.

See, I'm a Canon girl.  All the way. Canon and I lost our virginity together way back in the day and I professed my lifelong love and commitment to him at the time (sorry Ryan, I do love another, but not more than you).  I have now committed adultery. I am a cheater. Ohhhh, Holy pink popsicle dicks.

I traded my newish little Canon point and shoot (that I just bought a month ago)for a new Nikon Coolpix.  (Ashton Kutcher I blame you and your damn good looks!)
The Canon just wasn't focusing right. I didn't like it. OMG, I can't believe I just typed that.  So, I decided to go with a Nikon, just to see if it's better.  So far, so good.

In other news, this is my world right now, according to The Weather Channel:
You can't see it on here, but humidity is at 50%. Just lovely.
I have taken residence in Satan's house.

Just shoot me.


  1. I'm a Nikon lover. I have thought about a Cannon on several occasions, but I didn't want to disrespect my Nikon.

    BTW...that forecast looks like the one here in Austin. It's not right at all.

  2. This is when people say: "At least it's a dry heat!" I never understood that one. Stay cool, your salad looks yummy. I miss salads!

  3. Yeah, do you see Ashton's tongue? Oh sweet jesus I'm a goner. Hubby will probably get lucky tonight because of that photo. /nod

  4. Wow, that's hot, no really all of it pretty hot.
    First that salad...great, now I need a Gyro, stat.
    Then that Kutcher boy, he's gotta be a pod person.
    Lastly the weather, I'd take that temp over the constant sticky-ness of Missouri, walking outside is like strolling through Campbell's chicken noodle soup.

  5. i promise I will not tell my Canon that you have gone to the dark side. I am a Canon lover also and shh I almost got a Nikon when I was recently camera shopping because of Ashton also, but I was strong. So far I love my Canon

  6. Breaking your plastic fork -- that's a good trick!

    If you're chopstick challenged like I am -- it's another great way to slow yourself down.

  7. Let me tell you something about feta. It is a beautiful thing. It is one of the new foods i discovered after WLS and MAN its salty cheesy goodness. mama likes.

  8. I've never tried Greek salads nor this feta you speak of. Hmmm...maybe I shall try it. I love heat like that...except when I run in it and end up in the hospital. Love you and your pink popsicle dicks.

  9. Mmm....greek salads as the best! And yowza - your temperatures are starting to look like ours!

  10. You're funny--how come I've never seen you before now? Anyway, Cool Pix rocks. I'm a user.

  11. Feta. Mmm Greek salad with a bathtub of dressing Mmm.

    Jeeze it's hot there! I tried running a few miles in Vegas last July and my god was it crazy hot. Be careful!


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