Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I need to appologize.....

Because I lied to y'all.

Remember how I said I would only drink one night a week????

Weeeeeellllllllll, it's going to have to be two nights a week.

I forgot about 'Cousin's Night'. Which is every Tuesday. And since yesterday was Tuesday......I may have had some beers. Just a few. Or 6. 

Since that heifer, two-faced, hussy Miss Youcankissmyassyouwillneverhaveme Willpower clearly tends to allude me whenever I come face to face with a tall frosty beer mug, I have decided to just make life a little easier by saying I can have beers two nights a week. Every Tuesday and Saturday nights. That's still better than the 5 nights a week that I was rocking just last week.

On a better note: I have worked out 4 times this week! 4 times in 3 days! Boom! That's a total of $34 bucks in the bank for my new Toms (for the last 3 weeks). I worked out twice yesterday....all before 7am! Woop Woop!
Holla bitches!

And today, I did a little interval action. Because, lets face it, sweating out the night's previously drank golden hued alcoholic beverage of choice is going to be straight up murder whether you're doing a solid run at 6 mph or short spasms of energy at 7 mph followed by the glorious slow down moment at 5 mph. So I picked intervals. Meh, why not. I dig torture. Bring it on.

And boy howdy did I do some sweatin'.

Yes, yes it does Wyatt.


  1. Wyatt looks disgusted that you layed the sweaty shirt next to him....cousins night...interesting!
    Nice job on the ROCK!

  2. You have to be realistic if your goals are going to be meaningful...I think 2 nights a week is a good compromise ;)

    Oh, and I saw someone this weekend with black sparkly Toms on and thought of you...your purple ones will look 10 times better than hers...cause they will be purple...just sayin'

  3. And you have to make an exception for when you go out with me! I love how the two of us together does not increase our will power, but decrease it. You rock with the work outs!

  4. Awwww the great funky smell of beer sweat.

  5. I've had beer as a pot workout snack at least twice this week. :) shhhhh

  6. Wooooooo! That's one HUGE typo!! As a POST workout snack. Lawdy! I don't do pot.

  7. I think twice a week is a good medium. You can do this. Hell you are LauraBelle!!!!

  8. Love the sweaty t pic! Poor Wyatt.
    How the heck did you work out twice BEFORE 7 am, that hardly gives me time to have my coffe?!
    Wish I had cousins night!! Have fun.

  9. OMG Wyatt sighting!! /swoon

    Gosh Cat, stalker much?? WTF?

    Also, if Wyatt is anything like my Tweak, he loves the "interestink" smells like morning breath, undies on the floor that missed the basket and sweaty workout clothes. /nod

  10. Love the pic, it really says it all about the furry loves of our lives :o)


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