Friday, March 23, 2012

To beer or not to beer....

I really want some beers tonight.

Like reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally..........

Well, you get the idea.

But I said I'd only drink twice in a week. And, well, I drank on Tuesday night at cousin's night. And I know i'm going to want beers tomorrow, it being Saturday and all.
So there's my 'twice'.

But I still want a nice tall frosty tonight!!!

Do I chuck the promise or goal for myself on the 2 nights a week and have a few cold ones and love life?

Or do I stick with my guns? Thinking, salivating, wishing for beers all night long which will make me a crankypants?
But, it would mean that I stuck to my promise/goal.
Which means shit to me right now because I want a beer.

It wouldn't be like I totally bombed the goal. It's only three nights. And WAY better than my 5 nights last week.

And I did really good on eating all week.

AND I RAN 14 MILES!!! Woop woop!

What do I do??!?!?!



  1. Not to justify your wants.......

    I think more in a quantity scenario. Did your goal mean 2 nights of 3 beers a time? Did your goal intend for you to have 5 beers or less per week? Or was your goal trying to drink less than the amount you drank the week you drank 5 nights?

    Your know what u intended. I think drinking a beer every night is ok IF your goal is to only have 5 beers per week...etc.

    Does this help?

  2. Oh, hell. I want one too. Lets just go for it! Next week it just won't be as many! ;-)

  3. I'm a moderation girl. I think you should allow yourself anything you like. If not, it leads to binging, then guilt. Rinse, repeat. Just have one. Make it work with your calories/exercise.

  4. just have one, you may as well - you're young! and 14 miles YAY!

  5. Well, it's Saturday, what did you do last night? Did you just have one or two or did you go all out or did you abstain all together!

    Also super super congrats on your 14 miles this week. You are a super star! I did 6 and for me that's freaking amaze-balls!

  6. 14 miles absolutely deserves a beer IMO. Heck, I walked two and had one tonight ;)

  7. Do not deny thy self! Everything in moderation, ya know? :) I operate on that principle and not denying. It makes me want it more and causes extreme moodiness if I don't have it. So really it's doing the world at large a favor :)

    I can rationalize with the best of them!


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