Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Good Morning my lovelies!!!! Another Thursday is upon us and we shall rejoice! Because that means the weekend is right around the corner. Thank you Lawd!

1.  I don't have much this TTT, because I spilled my beans with Tuesday's post, but I'll try my damnedest to wow you with randomness anyway.

2.  So I have a little dilemma about BOOBs in Chi-town......It's the plane tickets. They suck ass. Stinky moldy ass.  So if I fly outta my little city, the airport being only a 20 minute drive from my house, the tickets are going to cost $430 round trip.  But if I drive to the big metropolis of Kansas City, which is about a 3 HOUR drive from my house, the tickets are $200. AAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Why? Why? WHY?

Do I drive and save an ass load of money? Well, probably not an ass load, after gas, but at least $100.
Or do I suck it up for convenience?

What to do, what to do.
I still have some time, so I might wait to see if the prices change.

3.  Have you guys heard about all the hoopla for the vomit inducing 'pink slime' lately? Well, it's all over the news in my little area because there is a plant that makes Lean Finely Textured Beef in Kansas (which is a little different than pink slime, but the two have been linked in the media forever). And they just laid off 200 people at that plant because corporations are refusing to sell the products that contain anything with LFTB.

According to the link above, pink slime is ammoniated and heat treated highly processed low-quality beef tallow byproduct meat trimmings. It is a food additive consisting of animal by-products treated with ammonia gas to kill foodborne illness causing bacteria, which makes the by-products legally fit for human consumption. The material is used to add to ground beef and other products as it is not legally fit for sale on its own.

Sounds appetizing, huh?
I won't even put the picture of it on here because I throw up in my mouth every time I see it.

Well, there are some differences between 'pink slime' and Lean Finely Textured Beef. LFTB is made with a process called: Advanced meat recovery (AMR) is a slaughterhouse process by which the last traces of usable meat are removed from bones and other carcass materials after the primal cuts have been carved off manually.

Then they mix that LFTB with regular meat.
Now, it does still get a 'puff' of ammonia to kill bacteria. And according to this site, once that puff of ammonia is mixed with the water in the meat it creates ammonia hydroxide. So, it's not as bad as pink slime, but it's still highly chemically treated.

Well, here in BEEF COUNTRY, people are pissed about the lay offs. Claiming that this beef by-product is safe and we have 'nothing to worry about' (coming from our freaking moronic Governor Brownback).

I am completely sorry that those people had to lose their jobs over this. However, what part of ammonia in food is 'nothing to worry about'?

I don't know about y'all, but I DEFINITELY don't want to eat food that has AMMONIA in it. Do you?

So.....Big Ass Beef Companies, listen up, I'll make this simple even for you doucheturds to understand, MAKE SOMETHING ELSE!!! FIND A BETTER WAY!!! DON'T PUT ASS-LOADS OF CHEMICALS IN OUR FOODS!!!!

I shall step down from my soap box now. Thank you.

4.  I'm feeling little snarky today, hence the above rant. I don't know why. I ran this morning, I should be all happy go-go gadget good mood. But I really feel a little like this:

5.  I get to spend the day with my dad's side of the family this weekend. Well, most of that side. My dad and his wife will be there, and my brother and his family, which includes this insanely cute little fella:
I only hope to someday produce offspring this adorable.

And of course I get to see my Sassy Grandma Betty. GB for short.
Yes, that is her imitating a 1991 thug gangsta with the hat backwards.
And that would be my dad in the drivers seat.
And that would be his 'mid-life crisis special project' Rat Rod that he's been working on for years. That he just sold. For like WAY more than it's worth. Figures.

Lets just say, GB may be a little head strong, very opinionated, and stubborn as a mule.
Yours truly might also possess some of those fine qualities. That means it's fun times when we get together.
I shall come back with stories. Promise!

6.  I bought my friend at work some these yesterday:
And when I say I bought her these, I mean I bought them so she would place them on her desk and I would meander over every 4 seconds to fill both my paws full. Mission Accomplished for 1.3 days thus far.

7.  My birthday is 9 days away! 9 days to continue to be 30. Ughhhhh.
BTW, my birthdays last a week. I'd push for the whole month of April, but Ryan would hang himself. So I compromised.

8.  I've decided I'm not feeling as snarky. Maybe the good mojo endorphins have finally kicked in from the early morning run. We'll see. I'm sure someone will piss me off shortly.

9.  FYI, I now have $48 holla dollahs in the bank for these sparkle goddesses:
The shoes cost $54, so really 2-3 more workouts and they're all mine. Bawahahaha (weird evil laugh).

10.  And so far so good on the the whole not eating processed sugar crap. Well, with the exception of the SweeTart Jelly Beans, of course.  And I may have had a donut Tuesday. But for two weeks I've done really good about no ice cream, no fried foods, no Thin Mints, no NUSSING! So I'm proud of myself. And I started at 155.2 or something, my stretch goal to be under 150 by the time by b-day rolls around, and right now I'm at 151.7. Which I've been at for 3 damn days. So, hopefully I can put some miles on my Mizuno's and shut my trap, and I can pull this off.

Well see.

That's all folks!!!



  1. I totally agree with you on the "Pink Slime." I have decided to try an be pescatarian (only eat fish and seafood). Since I know this will make Will go bonkers, and he loves to bbq, I know I will eat meat sometimes. But if and when I do, I want it to be whole pieces of meat that I recognize came off an animal. No more ground processed meat for me. Hence I said "try" to be pescatarian, so when you see me eating a brat this summer, don't kill me. Haha, I'll step down from my soap box now too. Have a good Thursday. P.S. I think Will talked to Ryan about maybe getting drinks tonight. Yummy!

  2. I am sick of hearing about the pink slime. I go to a local butcher shop and buy my meat. You have to use it or freeze it immediately because there aren't ant preservatives in it, but I can't believe how much better it tastes that grocery store meat.

    I love those SweetTart Jelly beans!!

  3. I hate that people had to lose their jobs over the slime. However, they are feeding it to our kids...that is unacceptable.

    I have the same brand of running shoes. They are awesome.

    Have fun with GB. BTW...I did TTT today.

  4. SweetTart jelly beans?? Ugh, why did you have to bring those into my life?! Must stay away from the candy aisle until after Easter....

  5. I loved that little baby shot what a cutie....the pink slime meat or whatever grossed me out so I skimmed over it (sorry) and YAY for the glitter toms almost within reach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see them on your feet!!

  6. I'm sorry that people are losing jobs but pink slime and ammonia-tainted beef by-products do not need to be in our diet!

    I was at the mall today during lunch and saw some sparkly Toms and thought of you...they didn't have the purple ones or I'd have been tempted...

  7. OMG just bought my ticket to cost me $434 I could have saved $50 and had a layover...but who wants to extend flying another 3 time is worth more....when you fly home are you going to want to drive for 3 hours to really get home....hmmmmm I can't WAIT to meet you!

  8. I say pay the extra for convenience - you'll be glad you did the day of traveling.

    Thinks to myself, "No wonder my meat from Wal-Mart says red for days on end. Hmmmm..." Grossness.

  9. COMPLETELY worth the extra cash for convenience. End. of. Story. If you DO decide to drive the 3 hours I guarantee you will regret it about 30 mins in on your trip back.

    I ate an INSANE AMOUNT of those freakin sweet tart jelly bean fuckers this week!!! WHODATHUNK they'd be THAT good?! dammit.

    And my fiance is obsessed with rat rods. and would own a whole family gaggle of them if he could. i, on the other hand, do not understand the obsession for cars that look like they came from the dump. IDK, to each their own. LOL

  10. Have fun with your family this weekend!

  11. I'm thinking it's prob worth the extra cash for convienence if you can swing it!

    And after reading all that about the slime and beef additives, I'm infinitely glad that I rarely eat meat. When I do, Irishman has usually prepared it and it comes from his stash in the deep freeze. He buys directly from the farm or meat market... Half a cow or pig.... It always tastes soooooo good!!!

  12. Enjoy your last few days of being 30! And enjoy your birthday week coming up. :)

    And hope you had/are having fun with GB!


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