Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Shmeekend.


Ya, ya, I know. It's Tuesday already.
The beginning of my week has also been a 'WOW'. Or more like a WTF.
Either way.
POtatoes, PAtatoes.

Okey dokey. To start off, I may have made a little purchase.
Just a little $125.00 one.
For a good cause though.
A very good cause.
The cause: 'Make LauraBelle Go Uber Fast'.
Told you it was a good one.
Feast your eyes upon my new Pretty's (which I have affectionately named them):
Yes, that is my yard in the background. Yes, it is mostly dirt. No, I would NOT like to discuss it.
Purdy, huh?

Mizuno's Wave Rider 15's. I likey likey.

The cause of 'Make LauraBelle Go Uber Fast' is: Achieved!

Wanna know why???? (Even though most of you already know due to FB, but I'm gonna tell you anyway 'cause I wanna.)

IN 62:00!!!!!

The girl that LOATHES to run, never thought she'd ever run past 2.7 feet (basically two steps), who just started running only a little over a year ago, and who fears the conveyor belt of death like a pack of wild spiders gnawing on my ass.......RAN A 10K!!!!!

*Takes a bow*

*Takes another bow* Little bit lower this time.

Yes, yes. Thank you. Thank you!

Well, I'd like to thank the Academy. The Academy of LazyAssesWhoHatePhysicalExersionActuallyCanExercise. You have made this achievement possible. Without you, I would still be a melted puddle on the chase lounge. And I'd like to thank my peeps (that'd be y'all)! For believing in me. And Baby Jesus. Thank you Baby Jesus, for being Baby Jesus.  I wanted nothing more than to be able to run 10K before my 31st birthday! And world peace. Of course.
Thank you again!

*Yet again, another bow* May have shown some cleavage (if I had some) with that one.

The most fantastic run of my life didn't actually happen during the weekend, just the tennis shoe purchase did. I ran the 10K on Monday night. But I've been so piss-myself-excited to tell you guys that I had to lead this craziness with that.
You're welcome.

Not that anything can top that shenanigans, but we'll try, so here's more about the rest of the weekend.

New Pretty's happened Friday after work. Like I said. Apparently repeating one's self is normal.

If you remember, I was having a serious moral dilemma about To Beer or Not To Beer.
Well, I'm happy to report I followed ALL Y'ALL'S advice and Beered. I'm pretty sure, now, that most y'all are as big a lush as me. It's fine. Great minds think alike and all.

No really, most of you said go for it. Or just have one.
Well, the 'just have one' doesn't really apply to me.
And definitely didn't apply to me Friday night.

Let's just say Saturday morning I woke up not feeling all supercalifragilistic and expialidocious.

I blame our Texas friends that visited.
They come be-boppin' in a little later than planned and well, we just couldn't say, 'nighty night' and pack it in. We had to stay up and drinktalk for another 3 hours. It's fine. I may have drinktalked more than the rest of them. But that's what I'm here for, right? Right.

I still drank less last week than the previous week, which was what I was going for. So I view that as goody goody.

Anyways. Got my hair cut Saturday morning. Nothin' new. Same ol' same ol'. Except I was hungover and i'm pretty sure my stylist thought I just drug myself outta a grave.

Then Saturday night we did a little of this:

Don't be jealous.


Are you ready???

Cajun marinaded venison and veggie kabobs.


And healthy!

Winner winner deer dinner!!
You're jealous. I know. I would be too. Just come to flat little Kansas and I'll whip you up some right now. On the deck. But you have to drink beer. It's the rule.

Moving on to Sunday. Or this post is going to be 18 pages long. Shitballs, probably already is.

It was sooo unbelievably nice that we decided to go on a 'hike', aka walk, the flat lands of south central Kansas.
We found a great 'park' where there was a paved walkway, and basically just open prairies to roam, and took the little spoiled rotten 'child'.
 He's trying to find the birdies:

But really found a large mud hole.

Then we came back and Wyatt did this:
For like 6 hours.
Pooped puppy.

And I decided to check the mirror, because I was feeling a little 'raw', and found this:

So sad.

But first sunburn of the year goes down with flair.
It also looks like my boobs are going down with flair in that last pic too. Lovely.

Monday rolled around to be a mix of shit-tastic, mayhem, and giddiness.
Shit-tastic: Work sucks donkey balls.
Mayhem: Work sucks inflamed donkey balls.
Giddiness: RAN 6.2 MILES!

Then today happened.

F*ck you very much FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).
That's all I gotta say.

No, not really. I always have more to say.

Since I work in the aviation world, printing go-go gadgets and such, we need the lovely freaking suckasses people from the FAA to come over and 'monitor' our processes. Or approve processes. Today was for approvals. For a process that will make my department A LOT of money.

I totally thought I was prepared.
Prepared to show the ins and outs of the process.

Nope. Not so much.

The little FAA inspector was WAAAAAYYYYYYYYY more detailed than what I was prepared for.
(To be fair, it totally was not his fault and he as completely doing his job, and I do really like the guy. I'm just pissed. And am going to blame the FAA. It's fine.)

Asking me to do things/show things that I was not fully trained on to do.

So what does a complete smartass, bitchy, stubborn Goddess like me do?

First, I clean my drawers out.
Because I'm pretty sure I just shat myself.

Then I proceed to DOMINATE!!!!
By pulling said shit straight outta my ass and, well, DOMINATING!!!

I winged it like a CHAMP!!!
The entire time sweating bullets the size of volley balls.
But I still made it through!

Now the rest of the week should be a cake walk. Damn, I typed 'cake'. Shit, I did it again!
In my perfect icecreamcakehasnocalories world.

That's it. That's my last 4 days.
Riveting, huh?

Oh, one more thing........I haven't had a Thin Mint in 8 days.
It's a record.


  1. Whoo hooo!! Congrats on the mileage! You're a rock star. Mr. Wyatt is such a doll. LOVE him! (and get some freaking sunscreen-would you??) :)

  2. Your blog is freakin' hilarious - and WOOT! on the 10K!!

    And now I want a Wyatt. and beer. You can keep the sunburn :)

  3. 6.2 is awesome!!! Now what? You need a new goal! :)
    The shish k bobs look yummy - I'm trying to buy a portion of a cow to freeze, now I'm feeling like a hick. Guess when I buy a side of venison for the freezer I'll be there. Happy Hump Day

  4. ok the shoes are uber cool.....what cool outfit to wear with them...I see a stellar shirt that matches...hmmmmm

  5. Love the shoes...congrats on the 10K!! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend...I'm jealous since I spent mine being sick :(

  6. Love the shoes. Congrats on the 10k.
    I spent the weekend with my sicko kid selling f**ing Thin Mints....I am so glad cookie booths are OVER!.

    Luckily we didn't get sunburned like you did. You need sunscreen girl!

  7. Big Mobster Knuckle Bumps

    Sigh... I meant moNster but I guess we'll go with the typo. I'm becoming notorious with them. Those shoes are phenomenal just like you!!! You look fantastic!!! And crossing all crossables that burn tans out for you!

  8. You're giving me hope for my running.

    Well, really, my would-be running.

    Which is to say, if I were be running... that'd be fabulous motivation.

  9. Ok...10) OMG WYATT!!! /dieofcute I love the pooped puppy picture. How much freaking fun is that boy having in the field?

    11) Those shoes look Amaze-balls and I'm so glad that you got yo-self some new treads. : )

    12) HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!! 10K? Girly you are one seriously amazing chicka. I am so proud of you I seriously teared up when I read your accomplishment. You are my inspiration (I may or may not be humming "You're the meaning in my life, you're the inspiration" by Chicago. Don't hate).

    13) Ooooowie with the Sunburn. I'm notorious with the sunburn. I have Irish complexion which is a fun and international way of saying Bright red lobster, peel to milky white again. /nod

    14) yeah, I f'd up the numbers today do you really care? Thought not.

    *squishy hug you 6.2 miles worth*

  10. Awesome job on the run!!

    Those kabobs look delish. Totally suggesting we try those the next time I visit my parents. (Big hunters-my hubby, not so much.)

    Gawd, the FAA. My hubby is a pilot-you can just imagine his dealings with them.

  11. Way to go on your run!!! That is so awesome - those shoes are fancy, too. :)

  12. That sunburn looks miserable! But I love the shoes and wow, good job on the running!

  13. It must have been the shoes! Great job on the run.


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