Monday, March 5, 2012

Mini Challenges and Wyatt Pics

I got up this morning and ran on the dreadmill.

Yes, yes I did. Let me hear those dolphin claps people.

It.Was.Brutal.  Seeing 5:30 AM on the clock is just not something that should happen. Ever. Unless it’s because I went on an all night drinking bender and haven’t gone to bed yet. Anyway.  And to make matters worse, the only treadmill open when I got to the gym didn't have a working TV. Farts. There went my plan to get lost in Real Housewives of Alanta Kim Loves Kroy re-runs to distract my mind from the fact that I’M RUNNING AT 6 AM. Double farts.

But I did it. And on a Monday no less. Go me.

And I ran my best 3 miles yet! Finished in 29:32. Pretty little number. I like you. I like you a lot.

I think I’d be more excited but for some reason I feel like a big pile of stinky rhino shit.

Anyway, moving on. I’ve decided that I need another mini challenge to keep me focused on getting my ass outta bed to do morning workouts. So I thought real hard all weekend (truly, it took me like 4 days to figure this out), and have decided that if I work out every morning this work week (M-F, cause the weekends should be reserved for more important things. Like beer.) that will get me ‘one step’ to new TOMS shoes.

These TOMS to be exact:
So pretty.
I was going to say, ‘Well, if I work out every morning, then I can buy the shoes.’ But they’re like $50, and let’s be honest, working out only 5 times isn’t anything to shout about. I mean really. Don’t get me wrong, it is great, but not $50 shoes great. I gotta be practical in some areas of my life. (I was really afraid of when my husband read that I’m going to work out 5 times and get a new pair of shoes he’d look at me with that, ‘Really, Laura, really?!’ look when I got home.)

So this week is Step 1 to New TOMS.

I have no freaking clue what Step 2 is going to be. Or how many ‘steps’ I’m going to do before I reach my goal.

Maybe do the same thing next week????

I can’t think that far ahead.

This is like the worst challenge ever. All I know is I want new shoes, and I have to work out to get them. Don’t know for how long, or how much, or anything. Ugh.

God I feel like ass. Like scaly chapped red bamboo ass. What is wrong with me?

I better not be getting sick.

Ok, focus Laura.

Back to the challenge. You guys need to keep me motivated!! (BETH ANN!!) [---->> She’s the best motivator, isn’t she guys?!] I mean, pretty purple sparkly special TOMS are motivating, but you know how I operate, I’ll make some excuse on Thursday and then give up.
This brings me to my next point.
I think mini challenges (with prizes) motivate me the best. Only took 14 months of trying to be healthy to figure that out. Christ.

So my next mini challenge, after the shoes one, is going to focus on my eating. I just do ‘ok’ most of the time, but I really would like to be better. But we’ll worry about that later.

And that brings me to my last point. In my weird, random, doesn’t-make-much-sense mind at least.

Looky what Wyatt got to do last weekend?

Mud hole Heaven.
And I was supposed to give him a bath after that nasty shit, but was too busy on Sunday ripping apart our main bathroom to renovate it. I love tax refund home improvement time.

Ok, and here’s one more that Ryan took last night:

Isn’t he so adorable?!
I just heart that little fella so much!

Oh, and one last thing, I am like SUPER behind on blogs. I wasn't able to get to hardly any last week, so I have like 218 of your posts to catch up on. So if I don't comment on all of them it's because I'm balls deep in trying to keep up. If I had balls at least. 
So, sorry about that guys! But I'm reading, I promise!! 



  1. Purple, sparkly still my heart...

  2. Where have these Toms been all my life? You HAVE to get them!! Well, you HAVE to earn them. *grin*

    Awww....Wyatt, be still my heart he's the boy err dog of my dreams. :) Shhhh don't tell Tweak!

  3. Love love love my Toms. I have 2 pair and want 20 more! Especially the pink and/or purple sparkly ones!

  4. I can't wear Toms, I'm jealous! They're too flat and hurt my old lady feet!

  5. just because I love about drink 100oz of water a day for a month or decrease your time on your mile to 9 min flat? Cute shoes....missed you..........

  6. Here is what I think Wyatt is thinking in that photo: Mom and Dad, why do those crazy, stinky dogs keep coming over to my house and run in my yard, and drink my water, and play with my toys. I don't know if I like it, it makes me nervous.

  7. Um I loooove TOMS. Just purchased my second pair. I think it's a great motivator!

  8. I puffy heart the TOMS. So pretty and sparkly.

  9. A blog can never have too many puppy photos. Your boy is adorable!

  10. Now I know why Draz likes you so like sparkly shoes too!!

  11. I was trying to decide what was cuter, the shoes or Wyatt. Wyatt wins but only because he is the cutest dog ever (after mine, of course).

  12. ok - you win a big honkin' prize for getting up and running by 6am! Woo Hoo!!!

    (and I hear you're coming to Chicago - yay!)

  13. I think the shoes are a great motivator.

    Why don't you "pay yourself" for each workout. Decide how much you should earn per workout...$1 or something. Then if you workout before 6 am you earn $2 etc.

  14. I like Toms - I'm gonna have to look them up, I need some motivation to stay away from the girl scout samoas!!!
    I like the $1/workout and $2 for an early morning workout!! Great idea.

  15. LOVE the Toms!!!

    Dolphin claps for getting up at 5:30am to work out?? I think maybe a giant head cut out thingy would be more in line!! Great for you!! Let me know if it ever, ever, ever gets easier!! I still don't have that kind of determination. I wish I did!! (see the dandy example you're setting??)

    AND-LOVE Wyatt!! He's so cool.

  16. And THAT'S why you are on my awesome sauce list! I have a pair of Toms on my reward list too!!!! Whoot. You go girl!

  17. OMG those Toms are amazing. I have one pair and want more so bad. They're pretty pricey but soooooo comfy. The best shoes ever!!!

    I love love love your pup!!!!

  18. BFF has some silver sparkly TOMs. I love the purple. So super cute!!!

    I think your challenge is a great idea! Maybe you earn $2.50 (or $5) every time you get up and work out? That would mean 2 or 4 weeks of workouts would get you there. You so go this!

  19. Ooh, I love those. I've never even heard of toms. Must google...


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