Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. I should have gotten up today and ran on the hamster wheel of death (thanks Lindsey!). WHY CAN'T I GET MY ASS OUT OF BED?!?!?!! I actually have tried to get up three times this week. Three times! All were an epic fail. But I did exercise after work, so I still got my work out on. Like donkey kong. But seriously. WTF is wrong with me? I blame it on my suck hole of a bed. It's just too comfy. It just sucks you in and you never want to leave. Yup, the bed gets all the blame. I'll keep on tryin' though. 'Cause that's what I do.

2.  It's been 4 days since my last smokey treat. I'm a cranky, bitchy, short tempered, bad mooded (it's a word) little hussy, but at least I'm smoke free, right? Right.
Because I have no nicotine to keep me nice.
3. I read the best blog post the other day. Y'all have to read it!! It's about the 'anti-diet'. Basically, living your life on no diet, just a healthy lifestyle. And healthy common sense.  Which a lot of my little bloggy friends on here do anyway! Dolphin claps for y'all!! But it has great insight on motivation, emotional eating, cravings, and more!

Here's a GREAT visual aid to think about real hunger vs. emotional hunger:
I'm seriously going to print this out, like multiple times, and tape it EVERYWHERE! In my car, on my desk, on my bathroom mirror, on my fridge....EVERYWHERE!!!

It also has a good description of a 'hunger scale'. Like, how hungry are you, really? And when you should be eating and when you should stop eating.
Don't y'all wish we would have found that before the holidays? Ya, me too. But Easter's coming up, with candy and pie and cake and ham, so keep these little rules in mind!!

(There's also a great recipe for healthy chocolate ice cream on that blog that I'm sooooo trying!!!)

4.  So you'd think after reading all that great stuff on the above blog post, that I'd have a new gumption on my healthy lifestyle. I immediately thought to myself, "You can do this Laura, it's not that hard! Just don't shove your face full of crap foodstuffs and we'll be good! Don't eat when you're not hungry! AND DON'T emotionally eat for shit's sake!!!" I'll go out and conquer the bad eating habits! I'll do away with junk food! Nachos be damned!!! Girl Scout cookies can kiss my ass!!! Woop Woop!!!!

Not so much.

About 2.fatass minutes after I had those thoughts I went to an authentic Mexican food place and ordered 3 chicken tacos and 3 deep-fried taquitos.

Mother. Of. Pearl.

5.  Then some dipshit employee of mine just unloaded this little crapsack on my desk:
 BUT!!! I did only have ONE! Just one! Tiny, minuscule, little, itty bitty cookie and put the rest away in my secret food stash hiding place (AKA 6 inches away from my left hand in my desk drawer). Now, I will sit all day and constantly think about Carmel Delights.  And how close they are to my vicinity.  And how I shouldn't eat them.  But I really really really wanna. But I won't. Because I have Miss Badass Willpower on my side.

Ahhh, screw that whore, I'm going for the gold.
Just one more.
Then I'm done.
Pinky swear.

6.  Last weekend we decided to head up to Manhattan to watch my KSU Wildcats play Iowa State in B-ball. Always fun. Except they lost. Rude.

But we took Wyatt with us, and I just thought I'd show you what it's like trying to leave when you have a dog that thinks he's going to die a horrible death, or get left behind,  if you don't load him up in the truck pronto.

Did you hear him crying and grunting? Isn't he just soooo sad? All that crying.....such a drama puppy.

7.  While in Manhattan, we stayed with our besties, John and Lori, and they took us to this new restaurant that makes flat bread pizza's. Holy shitballs people!!! Soooo good. Sososososo good.
 This is us sitting at the table. John is hiding behind the beer bottles. 
Dude can't take a normal picture to save his life.

 Awesome picture of me. Thanks John. And Ryan's GIANT bloody mary.
 It's not just a morning drink people.

 Lori and I. So cute.

 John took this. It illustrates the emptiness of a Bud Light Platinum bottle.
Very modern and abstract, huh? 
Your lives have been eternally enlightened by this picture. You're welcome.

This was The Greek. Roasted Red peppers, banana peppers, artichokes, tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic, and greek dressing on the side for dipping.

8.  Looky looky at my cute outfit today!!
Thank you to Rebecca for being the wonderful blog Photog today.
I've been noticing that all the cool people (meaning famous stupid skinny people) pose for pictures with their legs crossed and with one arm kinda over their hip. So, because I always want to be the cool person, I decided to practice with the above shot. I'm diggin' it. It's workin'. What do you think? Likey likey? My hips don't look like the ass end of a city bus, so that's good.

9. Supposedly Snooki is with child.

There are just no words for this atrocity.
None whatsoever.

10.  I noticed the other day while grocery shopping that our local store is pathetic about keeping good organic food in stock. It's horrible. Like I went to go get some leaf lettuce and I swear to you the bunch was no bigger than my hand. Were fairy's going to be eating this? Did some little ants need a snack? Because it sure as shit wouldn't even make up a whole salad. Maybe a side salad. Maybe. In fairy land at least. AND, they were going to charge me a whopping $2.50. Pricey little turd bucket isn't it. For freaking LETTUCE

Needless to say I put that shit back and decided to try out a new natural food store....that happens to be named Natural see what they offered.

Bada-bing Baby!!!!

Big ol' massive lettuce heads. NFL linebackers could feast on this for weeks I tell ya. And guess what the price was?
 Hellz to the yeah.

Natural Foods: 1
Pathetic grocery store: 0

Cheers Lovies!!!


  1. Love the info from the blog about hunger! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have boots just like that from Kohls! You obviously have great fashion sense :P

    Pretty much all food is crazy expensive now. A lot of people can't really afford to eat healthy foods, and that is just sad. The meat and veggie prices have sky rocketed lately.

  3. A) OMG WYATT!!!! I was seriously laughing through the entire video. Then he got himself so worked up he had to take a drink right in the middle. : )

    B) Super cute pic of you and friendy friend!! Love it.

    C) Your such a biotch for posting that delicious looking pizza.

    D) Your pose looks incredible and I'm going to try it for every future outfit pic I take. You are forgiven for C.

    E) I heart you so much! : )

  4. That's a new blog for me...I'm gonna have to check it out.

    Love Wyatt and his "poor pitiful me" routine...he's just too cute!!

    And LOVE the are looking beautimous, my darling!!!

  5. Love the video of Wyatt. Cooper and Derby do the same thing. But because we travel like all the time, I get to see this crying/panic act 5-6 times a week.

  6. No fair posting the pics of the cookies, now I have to go buy the sad local grocery store equivalent, un cool.

    As for the outfit, some day, when I look less like Shamu I'm going to try that look, it's pretty adorbs.

  7. I'm going to have start texting you when I get up. :) Super cute outfit! Love it!

  8. Damn, I love that pose! Adopting!

    Also, the package with the books arrived today. Thanks so much! :D

  9. That Snooki shit is SOOOO DUMB! Ugh.

    Oh and I love you. That is all.

  10. Just so you know, when I played the video of your sweet pooch, my lab got up from a dead sleep and looked around, thinking another pup was here to play.

    Killer photograph, honey! Love the outfit and I'm definitely going to have to try to rock that pose someday... Maybe once my thighs are not longer mountainous?

  11. hilarious as always! Love the Anti-diet link/post and will be referring back to it.

    And eah you're right, your hips are so NOT a city bus; not even close enough to be joking about it! :O)

    oh oh..and much like my lil guy FB...we have to spell out car, bye bye or feel the wrath of his cryin whinin antzy "let my azz in that car right now" annoyingness!

  12. I, too, am shocked/appalled/grief stricken/exasperated about the Snook being pregnant... it's truly an atrocity!!!!!

    that pizza is food porn from HELL!! LOL

  13. Hi, new follower here! I found the "anti-diet" blog post this week too--definitely a lot of good info there. I look forward to following your blog!

  14. Look at you and your super cute self!!! Every day is a new day for your health kick and eating healthy IS a lifestyle change. Small steps.

    Doesn't mean you can't have the good stuffs too! People scoff at moderation :O) I can work :O)


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