Monday, March 12, 2012

Stupid neck.

Soooooo. I'm just sittin' here, minding my own pretty little sarcastic thoughts, diligently reading blogs working and...................... BAM!  My effing neck decides to seize up and start aching.


Like, searing pain is shooting from my skull all the way down to the middle of my back, on the left side only.


Why start hurting now?

It's not like I just woke up and slept on it wrong. Lord I miss the days when I used to sleep the day away.
I've been awake for like 7.3 hours. (didn't work out this morning. I suck.)
So, I injured myself just sitting at my desk. Reading. I mean working.

The only thing that makes it feel better is if I slightly tilt my head to the left.
Like so:
Wow. Note to self: Never make that face. Ever. Again.

Well, and I'm hoping 28 of these little puppies will start to kick in and allow me any kind of comfort.

Ok, calm down about the 28. I'm not a druggy. Mostly. It's just that the milligrams in one of those little packages aren't near enough to even touch my system. Why do they only supply you with the pathetic 200 mg drugs?!?! That won't even make poop cramps feel better on a goldfish.
Oh, and you'd think it'd be one 200mg pill! Nope. No sireeeeee. TWO pills. TWO! MotherLovingChristFarts.

And yes. That is a bracket 'in the makings' on my desk.
I work hard.
Maybe that's how I threw out my neck.

Life sucks.

I hope y'alls day is better than mine.
Bye now. I'm going to choke down 42 more pills because the first 28 aren't working. Stupid 200mg drugs.


  1. Don't work so hard! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. here's a tip: Ohio State :)

    Hope your neck unkinks soon!

  3. Hope your neck gets to feeling better soon and you can quit making that face! I hate it when I do that!

  4. Oh no, I hope ya get to feeling better!

  5. Feel better, and good luck with your bracket.

  6. Don't you just hate it when necks hurt for no good reason???? I feel your pain (literally, actually)

  7. I am sorry that you're hurting....double sorry that your sideways head made me giggle ;) BEEN THERE! and I totally hear you on IBU's - I once got perks prescribed and it was so hard to not use them for pain anymore. I'd love one now ;)

  8. OOUCH - hope its better for tomorrow's workout. Heat/ice/beer - that should help.

  9. You know I'm originally from Michigan right? Yeah, I don't care about basketball too much, but I love that Michigan State is loud and proud there in that pic.

    G) love your face silly ... You're freaking adorable. Sorry about your neck. Pain can suck it.

  10. Poor thing. The neck is a tricky little bugger. Ice and heat is the best thing...and rest!

  11. And, an ice cold brewsky. I forgot to add that!

  12. Woa...trigger! I would chase those down with an irish car prep for st. pattys day!

  13. That is the face you would make at me when you saw me eating all the damn cadburry mini eggs today!!

  14. Hope your neck feels better soon!

  15. Hey, you are a K State fan, right? Man I hope so or I know you will be mad at me. :) Anyway, I have them going to the Sweet 16 so they need to get on it!


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