Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Another 10 completely randomcrap things that runs through my noggin daily, written down for your pure enjoyment. You’re welcome.

1.  Mini TOMS Challenge is going Grrrrreat! (channeling Tony the Tiger there) Today is Day 4 of getting up before the ass crack of dawn and while it’s not getting any easier, I’ve noticed that once I’m physically outta bed, I become more awake/lively/not a raging moody beeatch like I used to be.  So that’s improvement.

I did my workout today which was 800 reps of various High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises.  Yes, yes, you read right…EIGHT HUNDY!! First was 25 push-ups (on my knees), next was 100 high knee steps (like your running in place but with knees really high), then 25 sit-ups with legs raised (legs resting on the couch seat), another 100 knee highs, 25 squats holding a 20lb sandbag, 100 knee highs, and finally 25 triceps dips (sitting on the edge of a chair and dipping booty to ground and back up again).  Then repeat all that.

Whew. I’m just tired again from typing all that.

I finished in about 26 minutes for all of that.  It would have been quicker, but I had the news on and got distracted by some white trash chick that won a million dollars and was still using her food stamps or Vision card for groceries. WTF?!?!  Oh, and to make it worse, she believes that she deserves that! Some people in the country should be shanked.

Anyways, the workout rocked! One more day for the complete Step 1 on my new Toms!!! (And another $4 in the bank!!)

2.  My company is providing some Leadership Training for the managers and supervisors, and me being the best ever bad ass supervisor that I am, I must attend.  To improve my leadership skeeels. Well, that’s all fine and lollipops, but the dude that is ‘training’ us pipes up with the most amazing bullshit I’ve ever heard……he straight up said that ‘Multi-tasking is EVIL’. Huh? Exsqueeze me? Did those horrid words just come out of your mouth? And do you want me to bitch slap you into place? ‘Cause I will. With gusto.

Now, for some of you, multi-tasking may not be as important as, say, breathing, like others…….aka moi. I understand that. I sympathize, and think you are cray-cray, but I understand.

Clearly Leadership Moron does not understand.

If I’m not doing 843 things at once, I do not function.  I am asleep. Or dead, really.  Because I’m pretty sure I still multi-task my dreams in my sleep.
Like now, I’m typing this up, talking on the phone, adjusting my database because of the phone call, and yelling at my employees. Oh, and checking my other phone for any updates.

There is no way in Satan’s asscrack that I can just sit down to do one task, like he suggests. That world does not exist for me. And never will. Ever.

As Brenda said, ‘He’s a man, he doesn’t get it.’

True dat, sister. True dat.

3.  So I made baked kale chips last weekend. Because there have been so many raves on here, and the other interwebs about how scrumpdeelumptious they are.
Well, y'all are right. Sooooo right.
They are dynamite people! Like blow-up-your-taste-buds fantastic!!
Step 1: Wash kale and strip leaves of stem in bite size pieces. Let dry or I used a salad spinner.

Step 2: In a mixing bowl, add a glug (it’s a word) of EVOO to the kale. Also add any seasonings. I added salt and garlic powder. And mix to coat. But I’ve read other people added paprika, pepper, sesame seeds, etc.

Step 3: Spread out on a baking sheet. I put some foil down first so it’s easier to clean up.

Step 4: Bake at 350 for 12-16 minutes. Mine took 16 minutes, but the site I got the recipe from suggested 12 minutes. So just watch it.  When it’s done, it’ll be ‘crispy’, not ‘flexible’ like if it’s not done.

4.  The regular college basketball season has come to an end. *sadface* But that means that conference tournaments and March Madness are here!!!! Right now, my beloved KSU Wildcats are playing Baylor in the Big 12 Tourney. Today, at like right now.  PleaseWinPleaseWinPleaseWinPleaseWin.

When the do win, we will play fugly KU (which is our arch enemy instate rivals) tomorrow.

Then when we win that game *fingers crossed*, we will play for the championship.

And finally, March Madness begins, I think next week. And Kansas has three universities that are playing in the big tourney this year, KSU (GO CATS!!), Wichita State University (which is where I live, so I’m rooting for them too!), and the poopy KU.

I never gave two poops about March Madness or basketball in general, until I met my hubby, who is huuuuggggeeeee into it.  Now I’m addicted. I even fill out a bracket and everything. But, if the teams aren’t in the Big 12, or I don’t know who they are, I pick out the winners by how cute their uniforms are. Or if their team colors are purdy. Good system, huh?
Don’t laugh.

5.  Because of the B-ball game on, we decided to ‘tailgate’ in our department. Because there are a measly 2 of us KSU fans in the entire department, and one is me, and the other is my wonderful employee (I just may have hired her b/c she is a CATS fan), we need to band together and talk shit. Over queso.

Because we’re tragically not allowed to drink beer during business hours. Or on the property. Rude.  So we resort to food instead of booze.
Definitely not clean eating today.

6.  I have on another cute outfit today, so I thought I’d share:

‘The pose’ continues with it’s awesomeness.

7.  Did I tell y’all that I’ve already signed up for 2 races???!!!! TWO!!

The first one is April 14th. It’s 5K called The Dog-N-Jog, to benefit my mom’s service dog training organization. Well, it’s not ‘her’s’, but it’s the one she helps with by taking the pups to be trained from age 8 weeks to 2 years. Right now she has a Lab named Seranade, but everyone calls her Corn Dog. Lord, that just is so backwoods sounding. Oh well. She got the name because, well, she’s yellow. But more so because she’s corny. Oh so corny.  Just off the wall loopy, that dog.

You can bring your dogs for the race and so I am definitely bringing the puppy!! And my mom is bringing Corn Dog. But because Mr. Wyatt is still having his leg/hip issue, I decided that I would run with Corn Dog and not Wyatt. Mom is going to watch with Wyatt until we get done, then we’re all going on the 2K fun walk.

But let me tell you a little about Corn Dog and running……..she is like a lubed up bullet being shot with 8 kilotons of gun powder behind her. She looks like a little gopher that’s had her ass lit on fire running across the fields. She is freaking fast. And doesn’t stop. Ever. She just keeps running. And running. And running. We should name her Gump instead of Corn Dog. Sweet Jesus I’m going to die. Or get my best time yet. Either way, I’m sure I’ll have loads of stories for y’all!

8.  My second race is with my friend Lindsey. AND IT’S A COLOR RUN!!!!!

Oh Mylanta I am so excited about this race I could fart colored dust bunnies!!!

Our team is the Fantastic Brownies and we have all decided that we are going to wear neon tutus. Mine being purple, of course.

And I am contemplating wearing my snorkeling mask and breathing tube. Just for the shits and giggles of it.

That race isn’t until June. So we’ve got awhile to wait. Damn it.

9.  I’m thinking I need a new pair of tennies. I mean I’ve had mine for…………..shit. I don’t know how long (Lindsey, do you remember when we went shopping?)  OH YEAH!!!  Jordan’s wedding. Sweet. Ok, so that was………..


Last summer.

But when?

Maybe August.
(Like how I have complete conversations with myself on here? Ya, me too.)

Ok, regardless. I think it’s been several months. And I have run quite a bit on them. I just noticed the other day that the padding isn’t as squishy as it once was, and my feet are kinda aching during and after a run.

Runner’s World forums say that around 250-400 miles you should replace your shoes.

Well, I have no freaking clue how many miles are on my shoes.

So I’m just going with I should probably replace them once a year or so, for now. And by the time I actually get around to replacing them, it’ll probably be August. Perfect.

10. And because the game is starting, I’m going to have to leave you. But here’s a little funny to brighten your day:

 Yes. Yes it has.
So we need to get a move on shrinking that pooper down!!!
Let's go y'all!!!



  1. I almost spit hot tea on my monitor reading about you running with Corn Dog...for realz

    If KSU makes it to the final four (and you rob a bank so you can afford tickets), you can stay with me since the games are in NOLA ;)

  2. We share a hate for KU. As a Univ of Memphis alums, my fam has hated them since they snatched our National Championship away from us. As we say in our house, "Rock, Chalk, Go F@#k Yourself!!!!" !!!

    I am excited about March Madness too ----like you, I learned to love sports after meetiong my sports nut husband.

  3. I now have a new nickname for my dog, thanks :)

    Cute outfit, and enjoy the 'spiked' queso! One great thing about working on a college campus is the proximity to really cheap dive bars. One not so great thing at my campus? Our biggest competition is the robot olympics. Seriously, we're *that* nerdy.

  4. I'm glad you reminded me about the games because IU plays in 15 minutes. I'm DVRing to watch when I get home. I'm trying to decide what the odds are I will make it to 7pm without seeing anything. No Facebook this afternoon! That will be the biggest challenge. Ha!

  5. Oooh Corn Dog! Please take pictures at this race. :)And go Cats!! I hate KU.

  6. Will and Jordan got married in June, so it's definitely time for you to buy new shoes. Plus, you're running more, so you should go all out and buy some really comfy ones! GO FANTASTIC BROWNIES!! Oh yeah, and GO KU!!! (had to get that one in there. :))

  7. A color run??? Brat...I want to do one soooo bad since reading about Fluffy and Ronnie. As for the tutus, aren't you supposed to dress in all white?

    Also, for the pup run, Wyatt is going to be SO pissed at you for running with Corn dog. : )

    You are super awesome even if you like basketball. I'm a hockey fan.

  8. Jealous of your color run. Oh oh and go get some Brooks shoes - like mine - because they are soooo freaking cute.

  9. I love your makes me smile!

    I want to come run with Corn Dog just for the hell of it...and I hate running.

  10. Love that quote
    and kale.

    and your sweater.
    lottsa love.

  11. I need me some tennis shoes too! I love doing March madness pics..some of friends do it every year and the winner takes home the covetted bobble head for bragging rights.....I am too damn competitive

  12. Do you type only pausing to breathe like maybe twice? Cause that's how I read your posts. As though on super hyper drive.... All of a sudden I am tired :)

    The Runs sound awesome! (haaaa I'm so 12. I'm giggling over that... So immature)

    I'm just gonna step away from the cement box now. Ever so slowly a not to injure myself

  13. I love kale chips too! Yummy Yummy! If you bought your shoes around my wedding, that was the beginning of June. Time for new shoes! Sounds like a reason to go shopping to me!

  14. My guy is totally into basketball, too... like he is in a fantasy basketball group and everything... now I'm kinda getting into it. Lord help me!


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