Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

10 gloriously randompants things written down for your enjoyment (hopefully)!

1.  Who knew a post about flatulence would be so popular???? There are just no limits on this little bloggy of mine. Nope. None. I have no shame.
Anyway, some of your comments had me ROLLING outta my chair!

Like, Vicky's: Ok...being honest here...I have to go to the bathroom and let it fly...there's a reason for this...since I have so much loose skin, whenever I fart it kind of pushes through all of the excess skin and, well, it kinda sounds like a duck call...for realz! When they do escape, Peter just about busts a gut laughing so there's no such thing as a SBD in my world... 

And Beth Ann's: Ha! I fart during Jazzercise all the time. That is why I stand close to the one can hear it. Although I'm guessing that I do disperse quite nicely. :) 

OMG, many of them were soooo hilarious!
Y'all make me proud.

But, I think the best one was from my mom's boyfriend, Hardy: in my humble opinion if indeed we are masters of our own being, and making decisions to protect ourselves from destructive behavior, then i say let her rip ........because not to do so would be painful and goes against the natural order of things

He's such a smart ass.

But thanks y'all for making me giggle....uncontrollably sometimes....with your comments! You truly made my day!
(And by the way, I've been just letting 'em go. So far, unnoticed.)

2.  I read the best ARTICLE the other day about motivation, or more accurately fitness work ethic. It's written by a ripped up crazy lady that is super duper into weights, but her theory on what actually gets us to the gym or makes us eat right, and how we stick with it, is a great, and different, way of looking at 'motivation'.
She says motivation is crap. Motivation comes and goes. It's not constant. So stop relying on motivation.
Ummmm, yeah. That pretty much describes me. And a lot of you guys, I know. We all struggle with motivation. Hell, my motivation spurts are like a broken record on an IV drip of speed. One week it's golden (this week), but then next week I could be shoving twinkies in my hole like the zombie apocalypse is happening and there will be no more food for years.

What Buff Chick says is that we need to think of our bodies as our business, our company, and we need to have fitness work ethic.  (paraphrasing of course)
You don't always want to roll your pooper outta bed to go to your job, but you do the majority of the time. Because you have good work ethic.  Same applies to working out and eating right. You don't always want to do it (true dat sista, true dat), but you need to do it. You need to have a good fitness work ethic.
Interesting my dear Watson, interesting.

3.  I'll have you know I just sat through one of the boringestest meetings ever. Wanna know what was conveniently placed on the table 7.5 inches from my greedy little fingers the ENTIRE TIME? Donuts. Yup. Glazed chocolate donuts, donut holes, and long johns.
I hate life.
But I prevailed.
We no need no stinking donuts!

Because I have good fitness work ethic. At least today.

4.  I did my nails purdy again this week:
The color's a little off. But it's like a hot pink/orangeish color. It's hot.

5.  So I finally did it. I finally took the plunge after having this sit in my cupboard for like 7 years.......I fixed quinoa the other night. (Pronounced Keen-wa, I think) Actually I fixed quinoa and sauteed veggies in a little soy sauce.


Holy mother, it was like rice, but like a noodle, but not. So hard to explain. But so oh so good!
If you haven't tried it, try it.
Like now.

Quinoa is a good source of protein, fiber, magnesium, and is gluten free!

6.  HERE'S another good article, from about becoming a morning exerciser person. Since I've noticed that working out in the morning vs. the evening is better for my schedule, I've been trying to get up at 5:20ish every week day to get in one or two workouts (two workouts being a run and some But I still love me some pillow action, so any tips can help me! And I thought they could help you too!
1. Slowly Start Moving Up Your Bedtime
2. Determine a Realistic Strategy for Success
3. Plan to Fail
4. Psych (or Bribe) Yourself Up (Hellooooo Toms Shoes Mini Challenge!!)
5. Build a Motivating A.M. Mix
6. Share Your Plans on Social Media
7. Prepare for a Painless Pre- and Post-Workout

7. I think someone already posted about this, but I'm going to do it again. I got an email from a dude about a new website,, he started that is strictly about the best workout songs.

You sign up for free, and he puts together, by vote, a list of the top workout songs. I think a new top 10 list comes out every day, but you can also search on there by genre, decade, tempo, etc.
You can hear a little snipit, then download if it's your style.

No more searching endlessly for some good pump me up tunes! Yessssss!

8.  SOOOOooooooo. Dude came into my office the other day. Sat down. And proceeded to tell me that we have new products coming in, that I will have to redo or reface (strip down, re-paint, create artwork, and print), and 'he can't get me' blueprints to figure out how to create the new artwork for these products (so I pretty much have to wing it with products that go in the airplane cabin----WTF?!), and oh, he wants them in a week (they normally take a month).

I nearly shanked him.

In his left eyeball.

With a purple sharpie.

Basically, my life is going to be a helluva lot of overtime, bitching, snarkiness, crankypants McGee, all sorts of pissed for the next 4 months. Or longer.
Yes please.

9.  You know what happens when you start exercising every day? Sometimes two times a day?
You're hungry.

I'm about ready to start gnawing off the corner of my desk.
But people might look at me weird.
Oh wait, they already do.

10.  I'm going shopping tonight for new Tennies!!! My friend Lindsey was right, I've had these since June and it's time for replacements.
Every day this week my feet have been killing! Like numb (not good when you're already uncoordinated as all hell and stumbling on the conveyor belt of death), achy, and just plain sucky. I know I could probably run faster and longer if I wasn't constantly thinking about how bad my damn feet hurt.

So tonight I'm going to check out some Brooks, thanks to the suggestion of Draz, and see how they fit.

I can't wait!

Cheers y'all!!


  1. I fuh-reaking love me some quinoa. I have found the keys to cooking it are 1) soaking it and 2) cooking it in stock/broth instead of plain water. Whenever I cook it in plain water it tastes like dirt to me.

    BTdubs, I made some kale chips --- totally addicted.

  2. Let me know if you want some shoe shopping company. A woman in our office and I were talking about shoe shopping tonight. We decided we need rain boots, after all of this rain.

  3. MMMMMMMM, quinoa, love that stuff. I flavor it with this greek seasoning mix i bought and stuff it into pita shells with feta and spinach, yum.

    P.S. love the nails, someday I'll be able to tolerate nail polish. Now I can only have it on my toes because I chip it off when i paint my fingers, I look like a 7 year old.

  4. I'm so happy that my duck call flatulance issues made you so happy...that's what I'm here for...LOL

    Oh, and I loves me some quinoa!!!

  5. It is good to read that you are doing well, Laura. Sorry I haven't been around more. Things have been a little rough. I have been reading a lot about quinoa lately. I like the idea of going wheat and gluten free. I think that may be my next endeavor, if I can ever get my act together. I will look for it the next time I'm at the market. Have a good evening. :)

  6. Love the quinoa too! Greek style with feta and olives. YUM
    Thanks to you - I just bought my first bunch of Kale. I'm trying it today.

  7. If I only exercised when I felt like exercising it would be pretty much never... I think she is right on the dot with the "work ethic" description!

    I keep meaning to try quinoa, but I have no idea how to fix it or where to find it. hmmm

  8. Oh, the things I learn ! I knew knew that's how you said quinoa ! I did know not to end a sentence with a preposition so the poster boy gets a gold star for proper grammer !

  9. I absolutely ROLLED laughing at that Public service pic. G has been repeating it since I showed it to him.

    Love the motivation thing and you and I are both 5:20 get uppers. Yay. Not that my pooper is ever actually up t 5:20, it's more like 5:45 or 6 am. And that's bad mmmmkay? I end up latey lates by about 5-10 mins to work if I do my whole workout. Sheesh...gotta try harder to get up. Starting tomorrow morning. I mean it this time.

  10. I feed my doggie quinoa. Really good for them and us too.

    My first 10 things Thursday - Thanks

  11. I really need to try quinoa! That looks so good!


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