Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mini TOMS Challenge

OK peeps.
I have been ROCKING this workout thing all week.
OK, it's only been 3 days. Don't tinkle on my parade, mmkay?!

(BTW, getting up at 5:30am still sucks porcupine balls.)

So, I have finally figured out the deets of the challenge. Thanks to OC Banster!!!!! She so smart.

She suggested that I pay myself for each workout, and if I wake up and do one in the morning, I should get twice as much!


So.  Man, I really say/type/whatever 'so' a lot. Maybe that's what I should have given up for Lent.

Moving on.

So (ugh), here's my plan-------> Step 1 is to work out 5 days this week....before work. So far so good. Step 2 is I will pay myself $2 for every workout completed after 8am, and $4 for every workout I complete before 8am (this week's workouts included).

Currently I've worked out 3 times before 8, so my balance is $12.

FYI, the shoes cost $54.
$42 bucks to go!

I'm calculating....which isn't my strongest suit......that I will be able to buy the shoes somewhere between 2-3 weeks. That's if I bust my ass and keep up the working out 5 times a week thang....and most of them being before 8am.

OK, one more thing, I ran this morning and my legs felt straight up like concrete. Like concrete with dumbells attached. UGHHHH. It's so frustrating to run a really good run on one day and just feel crappy the next. But Mommykinz pointed out that not every day can be stellar.  You're right. You are so right.

I just had an epiphany while sitting here at work, munching on my Grape Nuts (I don't know why that matters, but just go with it), that it's no wonder I had a shitty run this morning, I freaking was a tile maniac last night!  See, it's that time of year again, for the Tax Refund Bathroom Renovation Project, and we are redoing our upstairs bath (yes, yes, pictures to come, don't happy). Well, seeing as my hubby was getting close to jamming a tile through the wall in frustration, after laying 3 tiles, I took over the task.  And there I was, busting out 35 square feet of tile, on my hands and knees.....hips, back, legs, butt, feet a'screamin'.  Of course my run is going to be less than stellar, my body was wiped from the hard labor I put it through last night!!! I'm surprised that I didn't have a worse time for my 3 miles this morning, than the 32 minutes that it took!

There's really no point to that little story, just thought I needed to write it out so it made more sense in my noggin.

Ok, I'm going now.

Cheers y'all!!! Have a great day!!


  1. I love the idea of paying yourself for workouts! I think I may have to do this because now I want some TOMS. I LOVE shoes!!!

  2. I love this idea. Good luck and keep us updated.

  3. Great idea!! I love that you pay yourself for the workout to achieve your goal.

    Also - my run wasn't great this morning either. I think your tile theory is right on target. I did Dance Cardio last night (It's Zumba without the latin music) and worked my arse off. I bet that is why I had trouble getting "there" with my run this morning. Great job getting your workouts in!! Rockstar you.

  4. I love that it is all worked out. You will have those TOMs in no time. :) What time to you go to bed in order to get up at 5:30? I'm starting to think that I have to sleep more than most people!

  5. Shoot. I need to get paid for my workouts. I get up at 5am during the week to make it to the gym for 6am. And at 7am on the weekend.


  6. what a cool way to try and stay accountable!! i still am trying to find what in the hell works for me. I would say food-motivated accountability would DEF motivate me, but I guess that would just defeat the purpose... haha

    I blogged a couple months back about having the same feeling while jogging! i called it cement leg syndrome or something of the sort... it SUCKS!

  7. I always have to have a little bit to eat for energy when I workout first thing in the morning make sure you grab a powerbar or something and maybe a jolt of caffeine to give you energy for those early morning workouts!


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