Monday, March 19, 2012

Sticking to it!

This is it.
It is time.
Time to wake up.
Time to grow a pair......
........or more like lose a pair, plus some. (But pleasepleaseplease don't let me lose any more of my teeny little acorns[tatas]. PleaseGodPleaseGodPleaseGodPleaseGodPleaseGod)
Time to turn this grease wagon around and head toward Healthytown.

No more processed fatty sugary sweets.
No more chemically injected fried foods.
No more high calorie, ass enlarging glazed baked goods. That have holes. And tend to show up *magically* in my hand for me to mow down like a John Deere every Tuesday and Friday.
No more boozin' it up 5 nights a week.


High protein. Chicky-chicky here I come!!!
Lean meats!
Veggies galore!
Whole grain!
Fantastically fruity!


Running like a champ!
Weights like a goddess!

I. CAN. DO. THIS!!!!

Right now I'm at 155.2.
I really would like to be under 150 for my birthday, that is 3 weeks away. 5 pounds. 1.6 pounds a week. Totally doable.

My goals are, of course, no crapfoods. I will eat salads, fruits, lean meats, high protein, yogurt, and some whole grain carbs. I will exercise 5 days a week. Running and doing And I will only drink on Sat. night. That's it. One night.

No Food Rewards!
No Emotional Eating!!!!
No saying 'Just this once.'!

One thing I love about blogging this is that I know all my peeps will give me the support and motivation that I need....again. Y'all are so inspiring that it just makes me want to jump for joy and be just like you! Like Andrea who has been a rock star in her weight loss efforts! And Cat, that just made it through her first year! And Stace who has already lost 60lbs and is only 20 away from her goal! And Vicky who is just awesome. Just plain awesome! And Ronnie, and Beth Ann! And sososo many more. I want to have the success you've had, I want to meet my goals, I want to not back down when it's hard, I want to persevere, I want to be HEALTHY!

I need to remember that I deserve this. That it's not easy, and it's going to be really trying. I need to remember why I'm doing this! Not to just look good in a bathing suit in a few months. Or to have ripped up arms. Or to have smaller Ben & Jerry's (thighs). But because I want to someday have kids. And I want to be around for those kid's lives. Graduations, marriages, their kids.  And I have a man that I love. That I want to be able to laugh, and tease, and bicker with for the next 70 years! Even if we're two senile old farts in a nursing home with drool running down our chins, bitching at the nurses that there's not enough beer in the fridge!

I want to wake up with energy.
I want to have those post workout happy highs.
I want to be able to run a half marathon.
I want to crave veggies like I crave Cadbury Eggs. stupiddevilchocolatetemptationsfromHell
Ok, ok, and I wanna look good in a bathing suit too.

I'm sure I'll have upsets. And setbacks. But I need to keep on this healthy train! For the long haul. Not just for a week or two. For...EVAH!

So this is me......pledging, again, to start over.
This time it's going to stick!


  1. In reality, you do stick to a pretty good lifestyle. Everyone will have setbacks, it's going back to the healthy stuff afterward that makes you know you're committed.

  2. Good Luck! I know you can do it. My cinnamon swirl muffin was probably not a good choice this morning. We will all do better. No more stress eating for me!

  3. You CAN do it!! I'm starting over again too... We can do it together!!

  4. Go for it!! You know you have it in you!

  5. I'm your biggest cheerleader, girl. You got this!!

  6. I have a tear in my eye......YOU GOT THIS!

  7. Sounds like you have a great plan. I am proud of you!

  8. You can sooooooooooooo do this!

  9. You can do it!! Start your day with a workout, then you'll be less likely to sabatoge it with crappy eating.

  10. This blog post has me SO jazzed up I want to go run a mile then punch someone's grandma in the FACE!

    *just kidding about the second part!*

  11. Aww, you included moi!

    I know you've got this - you've shown us how awesome you are time and time again. :)


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