Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Another round of Ten Things Thursday, comin' your way!

1.  I left my phone at home today.  
It's like my thumb has been amputated.
Both thumbs actually.
And watch, today will be the day that 18,398 people need to get a hold of me for some phenomenal reason. Unlike every other day where I barely get one teeny text.
'Cause I'm all sorts of important like that.

2.  Never bet the vice president of your company on a basketball game.
You will be forced to wear bird shit on your body for one entire day.
And it's not like you can't just hide under your desk and not honor the bet.....because he's the freaking VICE PRESIDENT.
Of course he picks the first major day of the NCAA tourney.
This is the first and ONLY time I will be sporting that stupid bird in clothing.

3. And in case any of y'all were just dying to know what my little predictions for the Big Dance are, feast your eyes on this fabulousness:

Yup, that's right. This bracket is BaaaaadAssssssss.
(Sorry Cat! I had to change my mind about the championship!)
I didn't pick KSU to go all the way, but I do have them get to the Elite 8. One can hope. And pray. And beg the basketball Gods for mercy.

4. The 2012 Tax Refund Bathroom Renovation Project is complete!!!
Sorry, I couldn't find any 'before' pictures. I have some somewhere, but just couldn't locate them in my vast picture folders in the abyss of my computer memories. But the bath was basically linoleum, white 80s vanity, and a big mirror. Fugly is the word of the day.

Here's in the middle of demo:

 See those pipes coming out of the above picture? On the floor? That was a fun little surprise when we tore out the vanity. What the hell.

And here's the finished project!!
We put in a new vanity, medicine cabinet, toilet, tile floor, light, shower curtain and such.
The wall color I kept the same, because I'm a little obsessed with it. It's Magic Spell from Behr, in case you want to go home and paint your house just like my potty room.

 See all that space in the medicine cabinet?! There's like 4 shelves to put my 86 bottles of lotion, hair spray, more lotion, body spray, eye drops, lotion, toothpaste, pills, more body spray, lotion, hair volumizer, and lotion. You get the drift. It's every woman's wet dream.

The only thing about these pics is I ended up taking the towels and rugs back because they were too dark and clashed with the wall. I got lighter gray colors and they look FANTABULOUS!

5.  Wanna know exactly what I do all day?
Well, not exactly, but a really good example?
The owner of the company just walked in and brought me a 'special project'. This sort of 'project' happens about once a week. Or so. But this one is very similar to what we do on a daily basis. He wants me to re-design and print the face of this RPM gauge for an antique Corvette.

See the black dial in the instrument, that has the 0-8 RPM markings on it?
Well, he wants me to find a blank dial, and reprint it exactly the same, with all those markings on it, only changing the color of the white to the green that's in that little gray case next to the dial. Then I have to magically pull out of my asscheeks a new clear dial that has no markings on it to match the one with the green on it. And fashion it from scratch. I may even have to make plexi-glass in a beaker or some shit to get this done.
Easy peezy?
I think not.
Nothing for the Pres ever is.

Matching that green color is going to be a big ol' cranky beee-ahhhtch. And that clear dial is beveled on the edges so I'm going to have to whip out the trusty Dremel tool and try to round the edges by hand. Note to self: Better not get wasted the night before so my hand isn't shaking like a 74 year old alcoholic's from lack of dehydration. Otherwise I might Dremel my pinky finger off.

6.  I don't know what the deal is lately but my craving for sweets has ski-rocketed. 'Oh, dumptruck full of Cadbury Cream Eggs.....I'll have 34 thankyouverymuch'. 'Driving by Dairy Queen......jump three lanes to hit the drive thru, just for a oreo blizzard. Or two'. 'Three day old semi-stale glazed cake donut.......move outta my way, that shit is all mine.'


7.  I haven't ran once this week.
I'm a loafing heifer.
Part of it was my stupid neck. But it's getting better. I went to a masseuse Tuesday afternoon and she tried to work out all those tight muscles. Then I've been using a heating pad and rolling golf balls on my trapezius muscles to try to loosen them up even more.
And not in a good way.
This has been an on going problem with me for years. It's the way I sit at the computer. I hold my head in a weird ass way that causes those Trap muscles to just turn into petrified dog turds. What I need to do is stretch those muscles by rotating my head, every morning. And continue to roll golf balls on them to break up the knots.

I shall make this one of my new goals this year.
Yes, that's what I shall do.

8.  'Winter' is dead here in the flatlands. Officially comatose. Well, if you can call what we had 'winter'.

Is it June?
I'm confused.
So it looks like we had no winter (because we only got snow for like 2 hours one day in Dec.), and spring just took a leave of absence. Basically, we just leaped from Fall to Summer in one swift move.
I think Mother Nature is high.

But you know what this warm weather means?
I LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE me a good thunderstorm.

And it means that instead of putting in my garden at the end of April (normal) I need to think about putting it in now (very not normal). Off to the garden center I GOoooooooo.

9.  My purdy shellac nails took a big dump last week. I was pissed. I just don't think they were put on correctly. And with the craziness of the bath redo and running around buying and returning towels, I just didn't have time to get them done again. Oh the problems I have. Also, I'm having a hard time justifying $30 every two weeks for purdy nails. That's a pair of TOMS in one month!
Priorities people.

So I set out on a quest to see if I can recreate the shellac at home, or do a better manicure job where it wouldn't chip off in 27 minutes.
I have succeeded.
You may call me Nail Goddess.
I spent 40 minutes comparing and deliberating over base coats, shellac's, gels, and other bullshit that I thought the sales lady was going to pull up a cot. I finally bought these two gems:

The Orly Bonder is a base coat I put down first, promising to get maximum adhesion of polish to nail. Winner. Then I put one semi-thick coat of Orly polish on, don't remember the name, but it's a light purple. Makes me think of Easter Eggs. Damn it, now I want one of those damn Cadbury Heavenmeltinyourmouth treasures. Anyway, then I put down some sparkle polish. 'Cause who doesn't like sparkles? And finally, I put down the Barielle Top Coat, which said that it was a 'advanced gel top coat', leaving a high gloss finish. True dat little top coat, true dat.

And it's lasted 3 days! Going on the 4th, with no sign of chipping! WoooooHooooooo!
It's a miracle!
You can have good nails on a budget!!!! Yipeeeeeee!!
I feel like I've cured cancer or something.
OK, that was a little overboard.
But anyways. You get it. I'm excited. About cheap nails. Lord. It's the little things, right?

10.  The Wildcats play in 44 minutes!!!!

That is all.



  1. Love the bathroom redo! I bet it was a lot of work, though!

    Also, I need to invest in some nail polish that lasts more than a day. I work with crazy chemicals, though, all of which seem to mysteriously remove nail polish, so mine don't stand a chance. Especially not with cheapo nail polish.

  2. Cute spring color! I soo wish i didn't mangle mine, I'd love a manicure.
    I hear you about your trapezoids. my massage therapists hands were shaking she was kneading my neck so freakin' hard.
    Love the bathroom!

  3. love the bathroom the nails...may have to copy those steps DOWN!
    I should send you my pics....although I went with Ohio ST and Kentucky in final 2..with kentucky winning dark horse is long beach st...I have them going pretty far till michigan state beats them!

  4. Ooh, I LOVE that purple.

    And the blue on your potty room walls.

    And thunderstorms. ...mmm, thunderstorms.

  5. I originally had OSU and changed it to North Carolina. Can you tell I'm a bit into the tourney? I'm sure you said other things in that post. heh.

  6. your bathroom looks amazing!! you really did a great job! I am SO NOT handy like that at all, so I definitely commend you on your prowess!!

    and YES, your shellac nails were DEFINITELY done wrong if they chipped/had crapiness happen! I've been wearing shellac for 6 months or so now and this stuff is like steel! and I use my hands A LOT, I am much harder on my hands than the majority or women. SO glad you found some polish stuff that works though!

    and PS - how in the HELL are you gonna do all that complicated sounded STUFF to your bosses car stuff?! Like I was completely lost after the first 5 words or so... LOL

  7. I left my phone at home once, got all the way to work and realized it. Do you know what I did? I turned around and drove home to get it. I wasn't even late to work. But didn't care if I was. I cannot live without my cell phone.

    Um...I have eaten everything and anything that isn't nailed down this week. No clue.

    Your bathroom looks great. But your nails? Even better!!!

  8. Hahhah - I almost texted you like 50 times just so you when you got home you'd have a million! LOVE YOU

  9. I'm a huge sucker for a reno and good home decor post, but add to it nails that match!!!! I am loving this post!

  10. Good job on the bathroom! It looks fantastic.

  11. Ok, first I'm so freaking mad about something...I have no clue what, I think it may have been about Mich St, but it couldnt be that cause I don't care even a little about basketball. * love u *

    Second, I figured out what I should be mad about. Not a single Wyatt pic. Not even him checking out that phenom bath remodel. Yep, that's it.

    Third, or I could be upset about how freaking awesome your nails look and that you did them yourself. I try to paint my nails and it ends halfway up my hand.

    Ok, not mad even a bit. I adore you way too much. Hee.

  12. Hey! Where did you find your medicine cabinet? I really love it & am feeling serious envy.


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